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Resumes & Cover Letters Career & Advising Services Lewis-Clark State College

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1 Resumes & Cover Letters Career & Advising Services Lewis-Clark State College

2 Your Resume ~ What is it ? It’s your first impression – make it positive! A description of you – on paper An example of your communication and writing skills An avenue to obtain an interview

3 Resumes: Three Components Content: What you choose to include in the body of the resume Format: The order in which you choose to arrange the information Finishing Touches - Paper, Font, Graphics: Your style and personality

4 The Four Resume Types Chronological Functional Combination Curriculum Vitae (C.V. or Vitae)

5 Chronological Format Job Titles & Dates Stand Out You have a strong work history You have several years of employment in the field or type of position you seek Listing your job titles or the companies you have worked for creates an image that presents you as qualified for your objective The positions you have held show growth in your desired field

6 Chronological Format Reverse Chronological Order

7 Functional Format Skill Headings Stand Out & Get Attention Dates Are Absent Or Minimized You have very old experience You have little or no work history You have no “paid” experience You have a very erratic work history

8 Functional Format Skills - Based Categories

9 Combination Format Skill Headings Highlighted ~ Dates/Places Validate You have gaps in employment, erratic or short work history You are making a career change & past work isn’t related to new objective Older experience qualifies you for the job instead of most recent employment

10 Combination Format Skills and Dates

11 Curriculum Vitae Detailed account of one’s career More information than a resume – more like a career biography C.V.’s can be required in positions of research, academia, science, healthcare, some internship and graduate programs Categories should include research, thesis/dissertation, publications, presentations, fieldwork, grants, fellowships, memberships, and languages

12 Formatting Your Resume Arrangement on the Page Heading: At the top of the page, name is large and bold ~ try 22 font Categories: Can be traditional or skills based; left justified or centered Style: Font size 10-12 point for content Times New Roman/Arial easy to read Use graphics with caution Paper: Conservative color, resume quality bond/parchment

13 Categories Organization of Content Objective:What is your employment goal? Education:List your degree and school, certificates, licenses and specialized training Experience:Positions, employers, dates, responsibilities, skills Activities:Career related memberships, publications, volunteering References:Optional, or use statement “Available upon request”

14 Chronological Format #1 Name is large & bold Clear contact information Add email only of you read it regularly! Line separates heading from body of resume Objective optional – Can mention in cover letter Capitalized & bolded categories sort content Bolded degree & positions draw eye down page Dates off to left, can place to the right margin Volunteer activities show community involvement Reference statement is optional

15 Chronological Format #2 Another heading style Contact information still clear and easy to read Line separates heading from body of resume Profile instead of Objective Mention objective in cover letter Capitalized & bolded categories sort content Bolded degree & positions draw eye down page Dates off to right balance print on page Volunteer activities show community involvement Reference statement is optional

16 Chronological Format #3 Centered heading style, phone and email on same line to conserve space Contact information still clear and easy to read Line separates heading from body of resume Objective clearly stated Centered categories, capitalized & bolded, sort content Bolded degree & positions draw eye down page Dates centered with content Volunteer activities show community involvement Optional reference statement has been left off

17 Functional Format Emphasis on skills Heading can be centered or left justified New graduates – Education is usually listed near top, move down on resume as more experience is acquired Categories should reflect your main employable skills - categories can be centered or left justified

18 Combination Format Skills and Dates The best of both styles – important skills and consistent dates are listed

19 Final Resume Tips Points to remember Be dynamic – do not be understated about your accomplishments and achievements Your resume should be visually powerful – use white space, readable font style (no courier) and touches such as bullets to create a document easy to read Grammar, spelling and tenses should be perfect – use spell check and have at least two others proofread Do not use contractions, abbreviations or acronyms Use positive action verbs to describe your strengths Create on a computer and print on a laser printer or high quality inkjet, on conservatively colored bond, linen or parchment quality paper Two page resumes are acceptable as long as second page is three-fourths full of meaningful information

20 References Make sure they speak to your employable skills Three to Five references are standard Your best and most current employer references who can speak about your job skills should be listed first Personal or character references should be last – they may not necessarily know your career strengths Ask your potential reference to be a resource before you list them – never assume Thank your references with a handwritten card

21 References Copy and paste heading to create new document Line divides heading from references Centered format creates balance 3 – 5 contacts are standard List name, title and business contact information List email addresses if known

22 Cover Letters The tie between the job and your resume Reinforce specific qualities that show you fit the job Provide more detail than the resume might include Provide pertinent personal information the resume would not include Another example of your communication skills Take time and care writing this challenging letter

23 Formatting your Letter Tips for a professional look Copy and paste your resume heading to start this document – by using this same heading, it creates a visually coordinated package Start date two - three lines down from the graphic line dividing heading from the body of the letter Three lines between date and employer’s name, and three before greeting – use two lines if space is tight Two lines dividing paragraphs, and ending of letter Allow four lines for signature – remember to sign your letter in addition to your typed signature Two lines below printed signature, place the word “Enclosure” to designate another document is enclosed – plural if more than one

24 Cover Letter Basics Formatting of your letter Left justified or indented paragraph style Be consistent with line spacing Remember to sign your name

25 Standard Cover Letter Left justified margins are clean and easy to read, but indented paragraph style is acceptable Heading provides your return address Date your letter Name and title of employer is important – if unknown, direct letter to Human Resources Manager or Representative Paragraph #1: Tell what you want and how you heard about the opening – mention your resume is enclosed Paragraph #2: Give a concise overview of your work and skills and tie them to the position you are applying for Paragraph #3: State your confidence in your ability to do the job and provide contact information Closing: Always say thank you and Sincerely

26 Resumes & Cover Letters A reflection of you on paper…Make it count ! Career & Advising Services has additional resume and cover letter resources in the office at Reid Centennial Hall, 110 Trained staff can assist you with your resume questions With workshop completion, you are eligible for resume critique services CAS has two computers available for your resume processing Laser printing and resume paper available for small fee Visit LCSC Career & Advising Services ~ Reid Hall 110 Debra Lybyer, Director, Career & Advising Debi Mundell, Associate Director Susan Lawson, Career Counselor Andrea Masom, Career Advisor Green Baggett, Staff Volunteer Denise Harris, Administrative Assistant Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. school year

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