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Adolescent Obesity FNL Unit 8.

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1 Adolescent Obesity FNL Unit 8

2 Obesity Facts Childhood obesity has tripled in the last 30 years.
The percentage of adolescents who are age increased from 5%-18% from Obesity – having excess body fat Overweight – having excess body weight for a particular height from fat, muscle, bone, water or a combination of these factors.

3 Obesity Fact Cont. Obesity is a caloric imbalance.
Too few calories are expended for the amount the amount of calories consumed Effected by genetics, behavioral, and environmental factors.

4 Causes of Obesity Poor Eating Habits Overeating or binging
Lack of exercise (to many video games) Family History Medical Illnesses (endocrine, neurological) Medications (steroids & psychiatric meds) Stressful life or events (moves, divorce, death, separations or abuse) Family & Peer Problems Low Self Esteem Depression or other emotional problems

5 Immediate Health Effects
More likely to have risk factors for cardiovascular disease (ex: high cholesterol or high blood pressure) More likely to have pre-diabetes At a greater risk for bone and joint problems, sleep apnea & social and Psychological problems.

6 Long-Term Health Effects
More likely to be obese as adults At a greater risk for heart problems Increased risk of cancers -Breast - Colon -Esophagus - Kidney -Pancreas - Gall bladder -Thyroid - Ovary -Cervix - Prostate

7 Prevention Healthy eating habits Physical Activity (60min/day)

8 Who Plays a Part in Prevention?
Society Families Community School Child Care Settings Faith Based institutions Media Food and Beverage companies Entertainment industry Government Agencies Medical care providers

9 Schools Schools play an important part in providing a safe and supportive environment Policies and practices that support healthy behavior. Opportunities to learn and practice healthy eating habits as well as physical activity habits.

10 Obesity Prevention Activity
Instructions Elements Plan an obesity program for our school. Make a program that can span the whole school year helping those who need to loose weight get in better health. Make sure you include all of the elements listed on the right. Goals for the club as a whole Personal Goals – how will they know how to set them? Physical Activity plan for the group (60min/day) Healthy eating plan Marketing to students Journals/outlet for them to record their progress Reward for completion of the project. Group activity that is planned for the community to participate in (ex: 5K). Name of program

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