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CardioMusclesFlexibilityActivitiesBody Comp. Physical Fitness 100 200 300 400 500.

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1 CardioMusclesFlexibilityActivitiesBody Comp. Physical Fitness 100 200 300 400 500

2 DDescribed as beats per minute when not engaging in physical activity RResting Heart Rate

3  A benefit of flexibility, “standing up straight”  Good Posture

4  A term used to describe the weight portion of the body that consists of lean muscle mass, bones and organs  Lean Tissue Mass

5  The amount of force a muscle can produce with a single maximum effort  Muscular Strength

6 TThe ability to sustain a given level of muscle tension, that is, to hold a muscle contraction for a long period of time MMuscular Endurance

7  A contraction in which the muscle lengthens  Eccentric Contraction

8  A muscular contraction in which movement occurs  Isotonic Contraction

9  Muscular contraction in which no movement occurs  Isometric

10  Types of activities which would best suit an elderly person or someone who has joint problems  Low Impact Activities

11  This word stands for the “F” in the F.I.T.T. training principle  Frequency (How Often)

12  A type of activity which helps strengthen bones and builds the muscular system by placing them under an appropriate amount of stress  High Impact Activities

13  This word is represented by “I” in the F.I.T.T. training principle  Intensity (How Hard)

14  The best type of activity to build either muscular strength or muscular endurance  Resistance (Strength) Training

15 Describes activities that do not require oxygen Anaerobic Activities

16 AA chart which uses a persons height and weight to determine if they are a healthy body weight BBody Mass Index (B.M.I.)

17 Increase in the size of individual muscle fibers in response to training Muscular Hypertrophy

18  The best training method to increase cardio respiratory endurance  H.I.I.T.- High Intensity Interval Training

19 Chemicals that block pain messages and are responsible for feelings of satisfaction and pleasure Endorphins

20  The ability to have the joints to move through their full range of motion  Flexibility

21  A type of stretching which uses slow steady movements to increase range of motion  Dynamic Stretching

22  Use of momentum and bouncy, jerky movements to force the body through its normal range of motion  Ballistic Stretching

23  Stretching a muscle to its furthest point and then holding that position  Static Stretching

24  A device used to calculate body fat. Typically measures three or seven sites on the body  Skinfold Caliper

25 TThese blood vessels carry oxygenated blood to the muscles and organs AArteries

26  The most effective way to increase lean body mass  Exercise

27 IIt is the most accurate means of determining risk for disease BBody Composition

28 TThe organs needed to deliver oxygenated blood to and from the muscles HHeart, Lungs and blood vessels

29 TThe artery on the wrist that is used when finding a pulse RRadial Artery

30  Exercise that requires oxygen  Aerobic

31 TThe name of the artery on your neck, used when taking your pulse CCarotid Artery

32 Daily Double

33  Measures the electrical resistance through the body  Bio-electrical Impedance

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