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Continuity of Operations Planning COOP Overview for Leadership (Date)

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1 Continuity of Operations Planning COOP Overview for Leadership (Date)

2 Agenda 0 Continuity of Operations Planning Basics 0 Authority, Purpose, Key Components, Terms, & Phases 0 COOP Elements 0 Essential Functions, Positions, Resources & Communications 0 Plan Approval & Maintenance 0 Leadership Approval, Plan Storage, Training & Exercises

3 COOP Overview Getting the basics

4 What is COOP? 0 “’Continuity of Operations,’ or ‘COOP,’ means an effort within individual executive departments & agencies to ensure that Primary Mission-Essential Functions continue to be performed during a wide range of emergencies, including localized acts of nature, accidents, & technological or attack-related emergencies” 0 National Security Presidential Directive NSPD-51/Homeland Security Presidential Directive HSPD-20

5 Authority 0 National Security Presidential Directive NSPD-51/ Homeland Security Presidential Directive HSPD-20: 0 “It is the policy of the United States to maintain a comprehensive and effective continuity capability composed of Continuity of Operations and Continuity of Government programs in order to ensure the preservation of our form of government under the Constitution and the continuing performance of National Essential Functions under all conditions.” 0 Utah Governor’s Office Directive: 0 “Critical to the State of Utah’s commitment to ‘Be Ready’ for emergencies and disasters is the development of a Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP) for all state agencies. These plans help us to identify essential functions and how we will maintain those functions in the event of a disaster.” 0 “All State Departments and Agencies shall prepare a Continuity of Operations Plan and share this plan...” ~Chief of Staff Derek Miller

6 Purpose & Objectives 0 Maintain essential governmental operations 0 Ensure succession of leadership 0 Communicate with employees & public 0 Protect vital assets & resources 0 Achieve timely recovery 0 Ability to implement anytime, anywhere

7 Key Components 0 COOP Plans answer the following questions in a catastrophic event or other emergency situation: 0 What critical things do we need to do? 0 Who will do them? 0 How will they be done? What equipment/resources? 0 Where will we be doing these things? 0 When (how quickly) will we need to resume them? 0 Also: 0 Who’s in charge? What if he/she can’t? 0 How will we return to normal, or what if we can’t?

8 Terms & Definitions Questions COOP Terms 0 What? 0 Who? 0 How? 0 Where? 0 When? 0 Who’s in charge? 0 Return to normal? 0 Essential Functions (Mission-Critical) 0 Essential Positions; Functional Roles & Responsibilities; Incident Command 0 Vital Records & Critical Applications; Communications Resources; Logistics Support & Resource Requirements 0 Alternate Operating Facility; Recovery Location 0 Function Priority; COOP Phases; Recovery Time Objective (RTO) 0 Lines (Orders) of Succession; Delegations of Authority 0 Reconstitution; Devolution

9 COOP Phases 0 Phase 1: Emergency Response 0 Initial emergency management activation 0 Phase 2: Event Assessment 0 Assess workstations, facilities, impact/outage length 0 Phase 3: Notification & Implementation 0 Implement emergency policies & communication protocols, evacuate 0 Phase 4: Continuity of Operations Preparations 0 Arrange for transfer activities, personnel, records, equipment 0 Phase 5: Continuity of Operations 0 Execution of essential operations at alternate facility 0 Phase 6: Public Information 0 Partner & media information 0 Phase 7: Reconstitution; Final Report Activity 0 Normal operations resume; After Action Report created

10 COOP Elements In more detail

11 Essential Functions 0 Identified services & functions that must be continued 0 Prioritized according to how quickly they need to be resumed: 0 Priority 1 – within 12 hours 0 Priority 2 – within 72 hours 0 Priority 3 – within 7 days 0 Priority 4 – as possible

12 Essential Positions 0 Positions (not names) that are necessary for carrying out the identified essential services/functions 0 Each position requires a primary individual and 2 alternates 0 Primary & backups need to be aware of, and trained on, their emergency role(s)

13 Vital Resources 0 Documents, records, software, applications and equipment necessary to carry out essential functions 0 Examples: 0 Emergency plans, Job Action Sheets, Lines of Succession 0 Legal/financial, payroll, contracts, personnel files 0 Microsoft Office, email, databases 0 Computers, phones, internet

14 Communication 0 COOP Plan lists all emergency contact information 0 Emergency calling tree 0 Who calls who 0 Contact information for every employee 0 (Describe other communication methods, if applicable)

15 Approval & Maintenance Assistance needed by leadership

16 Leadership Approval 0 Review & approval of COOP Plans by leadership is required at least annually 0 Review for updates in the following areas: 0 Essential functions & prioritization 0 Reorganizations, staff changes 0 Contact information changes

17 Plan Storage & Maintenance 0 (Describe how COOP Plans will be stored & shared. One example is given here) 0 All COOP Plans will be stored on Google Drive 0 Securely shared 0 Accessible anywhere, anytime 0 Those with leadership / emergency roles will be given shared access 0 The COOP Representative (your name) will update plans on this drive annually in January, and will share updated plan with State Division of Emergency Management

18 Training & Exercises 0 Help prepare for the REAL thing 0 Leadership encouraged to participate: 0 Incident Command System (ICS) Training 0 3 courses: ICS 100, ICS 200 & NIMS 700 0 “Shakeout” Exercise each April 0 Help identify & make plan improvements

19 Thanks! (Your name and contact info)

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