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How NOBLE of U Make your noble effort work for you! Presented by: Amy Finley SOLID 2014.

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1 How NOBLE of U Make your noble effort work for you! Presented by: Amy Finley SOLID 2014

2 Today’s session What is CIViC Engagement? Why does it matter? Individual Activity Noble Hour Overview Group Activity Current opportunities to get involved in CIViC engagement

3 What is civic engagement? Civic engagement or civic participation has been defined as "Individual and collective actions designed to identify and address issues of public concern.“ Civic engagement has many elements, but in its most basic sense it is about decision making, or governance and about who and how and by whom a community's resources will be allocated.

4 Forms of civic engagement Civic engagement can take many forms — from individual volunteerism to organizational involvement to electoral participation. CIVICElectoralPolitical Community problem solving Regular votingContacting officials Participation in fund-raising run/walk/ride Persuading others to vote Contacting the print media Active membership in a group or an organization Campaign contributions Boycotting

5 Why does it matter? (Other than contributing to community of course!) Offers opportunities for learning and growth Provides interactions with people with diverse ideas and opinions Required by many organizations, preferred by many Allows servant to understand issues more broadly Builds character But let’s be honest… Its good on the ol’ resume

6 Individual activity 1.Make a list of the service projects you’ve been a part of between 2008 and now including the actual date served. (Average time to complete a degree in the United States is 6 yrs) 2.Identify the number of organizations served. 3.Identify the total number of hours served. 4.Identify the economic impact of your service. For extra credit: Identify all site leaders/supervisors, that you need to contact who can verify your service at every project you listed above. Seem unrealistic? What if it wasn’t?

7 Introducing Noble Hour! NobleHour is an hour tracking and community engagement software solution that can help YOU create, manage and join secure, social online communities dedicated to service learning, volunteering, co-curricular activities and work-based learning. Let’s find out more AVAILABLE NOW AT UM-DEARBORN

8 What it does for… YOU… Helps you to track your hours of personal service Allows you to develop a comprehensive service transcript Determines your economic impact Builds your connections to community YOUR GROUP… Tracks collective hours of group service Allows a group to develop to develop a service transcript (think: awards, grants) Determines a groups economic and collective impact Allows group to promote service opportunities, manage reflections and share information

9 So how does it work already? Students will be able to create a free account through the University of Michigan-Dearborn’s membership to Noble Hour Using the web platform or the soon to be debuted mobile applications, students can easily access their account from home, school or their phone Students on Noble Hour can create and join groups (ie – student organizations, ASB teams, ASL classes, etc) Groups will create “projects”, and students can sign up for projects Service will be validated by either non-profit or Noble Hour campus administrator (likely Amy F) Students, groups or other can easily, at any time, generate reports around hours served, collective impact and economic impact!



12 What next? The CIViC is looking for student organizations and individuals who want to be on Noble Hour and start tracking their service!

13 Group Activity Please break up into small groups (3 to 4 people) Identify 3 ways in which you believe this will benefit either YOU or a STUDENT ORGANIZATION you’re a part of Report out!

14 The CIViC The University of Michigan-Dearborn’s vision is built with the idea of metropolitan impact. The CIViC ( Community Involvement and Volunteerism Center) was created to engage students, faculty, and staff with community and to build infrastructure for civic engagement. CIViC Direct Service Voter Engagement Food Pantry Alternative Spring Break

15 Food Pantry Our Vision: Provide temporary food assistance for UM- Dearborn students or relatives and family members of the student. Engage faculty, staff and students in support of the pantry, utilizing an engaged scholarship model. Provide opportunities for UM-Dearborn students to “take care of their own”

16 Direct Service

17 Applications being accepted NOW! The mission of the Alternative Spring Break program is to bring together members of the University community, who might not otherwise interact in their usual social spheres, in the common goals of service and education about the global community, in order to promote and train future service leaders of Michigan. This year’s trips include California, Upper Peninsula Michigan, and Cleveland!

18 General information about the CIViC Location: 1090 University Center Hours: Monday-Friday 9am-5pm Phone: 313- 583-6589 Email: To stay up to date on current events YOU can get involved in, please join us on: Facebook: @UMDCIVIC



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