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Medicaid Infrastructure Grant PCPA Conference By Diane Cashman.

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1 Medicaid Infrastructure Grant PCPA Conference By Diane Cashman

2 What is the MIG? The Ticket to Work and Work Incentives Improvement Act of 1999 Enhance employment options for people with disabilities Authorized for 11 years 44 states participate in the MIG

3 What is the MIG? Continued States will use funding to: Create state Medicaid buy-in programs Support people with disabilities in securing and sustaining employment Create significant improvements to Medicaid services that support people with disabilities – Personal Assistance Services

4 TYPES OF MIG GRANTS Basic Grant – Develop and enhance Medicaid buy- in program Comprehensive Grant – Develop infrastructure to support employment for people with disabilities

5 MIG Grant in Pennsylvania The Department of Public Welfare has been the administrator of the MIG since inception Administered by the Office of Developmental Programs since July, 2009 Connie Meeker - MIG Project Director Diane Cashman - MIG Project Coordinator

6 MIG Grant in Pennsylvania Con’t Pennsylvania received a basic grant of $500,000 in 2002 – 2008 Funding used to develop and enhance our Medical Assistance for Workers with Disabilities (MAWD) Pennsylvania received a Comprehensive Grant in 2009 and 2010 of $5.3 million

7 PA Strategic Plan Goals Remove public policy barriers to work Ensure needed services and supports are available and accessible for individuals with disabilities seeking employment Engage the business community in developing a comprehensive support system

8 Works For Me Public relations campaign launch by Dep’t of Public Welfare in October, 2009 TV PSAs, radio PSAs, newspaper ads and interviews, billboards, brochures, DVDs, transit ads, and direct mail campaigns to individuals receiving SSDI, SSI or both

9 Works For Me – Con’t Shows individuals with disabilities the benefits of working Educates employers – dispels myths Aids people in finding job training, education, health insurance, assistive technology for work, benefits planning/counseling and other supports

10 Works for Me – Con’t Free resource to guide people with disabilities, providers, employers, advocates, and stakeholders Mailed informational packets to 1600 agencies to share with individuals Website – Toll free line – 1-877-268-9894

11 Think Beyond the Label National Marketing Campaign targeted at employers Launched in February, 2010 Campaign is supported and funded by MIG states Designed to increase awareness and advantages of hiring people with disabilities

12 Think Beyond the Label – Con’t States have individual state page on website Website contains facts and information for employers Dispels myths of hiring individuals with disabilities Website –

13 Work Incentive Planning Assistance (WIPA) Provide information about work incentives to individuals who receive social security benefits Help individuals to determine how earnings will impact their benefits Explain SSA rules and regulations that pertain to work Visit for

14 EMPLOYMENT NETWORKS (ENs) ENs contract with SSA to provide employment services to support ticket- eligible beneficiaries (Ticket Holders) Receive payments from SSA Any agency or organization that provides employment services or hires an individual with a disability may become an EN For more information, visit the website at

15 Social networking website and job portal for people with disabilities Resources include interviewing skills, resume building skills, career compatibility assessments and job listings Free resource for job seekers, service providers, advocacy organizations, and colleges Funded by employers Website -

16 PA Business Leadership Network (BLN) Promotes hiring practices of qualified people with disabilities Provides access to disability hiring information Network for employers to share information Opportunities for training “Tuesday Talks”

17 Statewide Training Initiative Work incentives and outreach training for individuals, providers, caseworkers/SCs, educators, gov’t entities and other staff at entry points for individuals with disabilities Focus on benefits of employment, MAWD, SSI, SSDI, Ticket to Work and work related resources Live sessions – statewide locations Webinars

18 Resource Guide Development of a statewide online resource guide Resources for individuals seeking employment, providers, stakeholders, and employers One center for all types of services and information regardless of where you live

19 Employer Outreach E-newsletters Disability Workshops Personalized direct mailers Enhance website Press releases, media appearances and speaking engagements for business organizations Employer video

20 Projects and Initiatives Special People in the Northeast (SPIN) Professional Career Development Series for People with Disabilities Provider staff development courses Local promising practices

21 Projects and Initiatives National Disability Awareness Employment Month events Mini grants Conferences including the Employment Symposium, Transition Conference, Edinboro Disability conference

22 Project Overview and Discussion Pennsylvania Supported Education Network Designed to provide needed supports for individuals with disabilities to further their education Step by Step Beacons of Excellence Initiative Initiative to capture detailed data on employment outcomes of individuals served Lark Enterprises, Inc. Consumer run recycling business

23 Further Information Diane Cashman 717-783-5755

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