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Page 1 3/13 – Lynchburg 4/23 – Fredericksburg 3/28 – Charlottesville 4/12 – Danville.

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1 Page 1 3/13 – Lynchburg 4/23 – Fredericksburg 3/28 – Charlottesville 4/12 – Danville

2 Page 2 3/13 – Lynchburg 4/23 – Fredericksburg 3/28 – Charlottesville 4/12 – Danville

3 Page 3

4 Page 4 Virginia’s Energy Policy Background

5 Page 5 Virginia Energy Policy No coordinated policy before 2006 General Assembly called for the Virginia Energy Plan § 67-100. Legislative findings 1. Energy is essential to the health, safety, and welfare... economy 2. The state government should facilitate the availability and delivery of reliable and adequate supplies... at reasonable costs 3. The Commonwealth would benefit from articulating clear objectives pertaining to energy issues, adopting an energy policy that advances these objectives, and establishing a procedure for measuring the implementation of these policies.

6 Page 6 § 67-201. Development of the Virginia Energy Plan Comprehensive Plan covering next 10-years Propose actions, consistent with the objectives enumerated in § 67-101, that will implement the Commonwealth Energy Policy set forth in § 67-10267-10167-102 New Governor to complete by July 1, 2014

7 Page 7 2007 Plan: Energy resources & infrastructure; efficiency; environment; R&D; public education; economic development 2010 Plan: Energy Capital of the East Coast; energy supply; public education; R&D 2007 and 2010 Virginia Energy Plans

8 Page 8 How is energy generated in Virginia? More than 6,000 Miles of Natural Gas Lines More than 60,000 Transmission Lines More than 130 Power Plants

9 Page 9 How is energy generated in Virginia? SourceUsage Coal44% Nuclear38% Natural Gas13% Renewables3% Petroleum2%

10 Page 10 How do we Virginians use energy? PurposePercentage Residential27% Commercial25% Industrial18% Transportation30%

11 Page 11 Governor McDonnell’s Energy Policy Energy sector one of his highest priorities Secured federal approval for Virginia to be the first East Coast state to explore offshore oil and natural gas

12 Page 12 Governor McDonnell’s Energy Policy First state in the nation to convert much of the state’s vehicle fleet to natural gas Successfully positioned Virginia for development of offshore wind


14 Page 14 Recommendations for… Electric Generation As Governor McDonnell and previous administrations have stated, an “all of the above” approach is the fundamental building block of that foundation. Includes coal, nuclear, natural gas, energy efficiency, solar, waste-to-energy, biomass, biofuels, and on and off shore oil, gas and wind. Streamline regulations for sustainable energy production. Plan for and support increased use of distributed energy production.

15 Page 15 Recommendations for… Electric Generation Focus on energy investment opportunities that promote jobs, capital investment, and economic development. Build on Virginia’s affordable energy prices and reliable energy supply as a competitive advantage in recruiting business to the Commonwealth.

16 Page 16 Recommendations for… Energy Efficiency Support state tax benefits for energy efficiency investment that mirror federal tax benefits. Leverage private-sector investments for energy- efficiency improvements in state-owned buildings. Encourage a policy that treats energy conservation investments on par with energy generation investments.

17 Page 17 Recommendations for… Energy Assurance Emphasize the importance of infrastructure investments to energy regulators and companies. Support investments in grid reliability and security to promote the most reliable possible service.

18 Page 18 Recommendations for… Energy Efficiency/Education Strengthen consumer education and technical support for energy efficiency. Bring new energy-efficiency technologies to market through incentives.

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