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Preparing For The Future April. 2. 2009 O, Ju-young.

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2 Preparing For The Future April. 2. 2009 O, Ju-young

3 Warm Up Activity Review p.41~42 Running Dictation I Have A Dream

4 Jobs (occupation)

5 Scientist

6 Fashion Designers

7 Lawyers

8 Actors

9 Progamers

10 Announcer

11 Teacher

12 Dentist





17 Today’s Aims 1.You can summarize “Read and Think” 2.You can solve the questions on p.41~42 3.You can read and dictate the story. 4.You can arrange the lyrics of a song.

18 Structures p.42 A Put the following words into correct order. (1) It is difficult to speak English. (2) It is easy to ride a bicycle. (3) It is very easy to swim. (4) It is nice to see you again.

19 Structures p.42 B Correct the errors. (1) He is strong enough to carry the box. (2) He thought that the exam was difficult. (3) She is a talented painter as well as a fashion designer. (4) Although Jane studied hard, she did not get a good grade.

20 Running Dictation !! 1. Take turns to run to the story. 2. Memorize 1~5 words. 3. Go back to your team and tell. 4. Write and complete the story. 5. Solve and write the answers. 6. Hand in the story to ET ASAP !!!^^

21 Are you ready to run?? Go!!!

22 Running Dictation1 Muhammad Ali is a great boxer. He has boxed all over the world. He began boxing when he was very young. People all over the world liked to watch him box.

23 Running Dictation2 Hilary Duff is a singer. She sings pop music. Hilary is also an actress. She has acted in many movies. Many people listen to her music and watch her movies.

24 Running Dictation3 Michelle Kwan is an ice skater. She began skating when she was a little girl. Now Michelle is a star. She skates in countries all over the world.

25 I Have A Dream 1. Listen to the song carefully. 2. Put the cards in the right places. 3. Complete the table ASAP. 4. Call ET for checking.

26 I Have A Dream I have a dream a song to sing To help me cope with anything If you see the wonder of a fairy tale You can take the future even if you fail I believe in angels Something good in everything I see I believe in angels When I know the time is right for me I’ll cross the stream I have a dream

27 Let’s review today’s lesson! 1. She is old enough to go to school. 2. He thought that the girl was in the room. 3. Although he made lots of money, he wasn’t happy. 4. He was kind as well as handsome. 5. scientist 6. teacher 7. fashion designer 8. dentist

28 Thank you very much! *^___^* Have a great day!

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