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…helping TRU students become better, more confident writers.

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1 …helping TRU students become better, more confident writers

2 Services  free service staffed by skilled students, community volunteers and faculty  provides: -one-on-one instruction -feedback for all levels and types of writing -helps you learn to revise and edit Goal: …to help you become a better, more confident writer.

3 In a session we:  teach you to improve your writing skills  point out gaps and problems  help you to learn to proofread and edit  model the writing process  discuss and question

4 Appointments  register re/disclaimer.html re/disclaimer.html  make an appointment

5 Appointments  what you need to bring: -questions and ideas -your assignment from your instructor -a draft of an assignment -an assignment that you have received back with feedback

6 Percentage of Appointments by Levels

7 Types of Feedback  understanding assignments and readings  generating ideas and finding a focus  finding research and citing sources  types and formats of writing  group projects

8 Feedback cont….  any step in the writing process  summarizing, paraphrasing, quoting and avoiding plagiarism  sentences, grammar, punctuation, diction, mechanics and spelling  presentations and more… GrammarStructureContentStyle

9 Resources Texts and reference books:  writing in the disciplines  academic writing handbooks  citation guides  grammar and more… Online:  Writing Centre Website Writing Centre Website  Writing and Citation Support Website Writing and Citation Support Website

10 Hours of Operation Summer Semester 2014 May 12 to August 8 Monday to Friday 9:00 am – 3:00 pm  closed weekends and holidays  hours may change slightly due to illness, meetings, etc.

11 For Writing Tips and More Follow us on Twitter Like our Facebook page Check out our Blog Watch our videos on YouTube

12 Questions… 1. Who offers help in the Writing Centre? 2. What do you need to bring to the Writing Centre? 3. How long is a tutorial session? 4. Where is the TRU Writing Centre? 5. What is the goal of the Writing Centre?

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