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Technology at Your Finger Tip….or your Ear? Phones as Mobile Devices.

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1 Technology at Your Finger Tip….or your Ear? Phones as Mobile Devices

2 My Phone Can Just Make Calls…Right? Depending on the carrier and phone, mobile phones are capable of much more than text messaging and phone calls. Some capabilities include: – File transfer – Internet – GPS – Email/Instant Messaging

3 File Transfer Need to present a PowerPoint and don’t want to carry around a laptop? Simply connect your Smartphone to a computer and store the file onto your phone, the device is also backwards compatible making it a high-capacity USB drive in addition to a phone. Microsoft Office Mobile is included on several PDA and Smartphones including the BlackBerry brand.

4 Internet Most mobile phones come with Mobile Web, a smaller, less image reliant form of the Internet designed just for cellular phones, and with some devices such as the iPhone a fully functional version of the Internet is accessible. This allows you to access whatever you want in just moments wherever you are.

5 GPS GPS software is also included on a vast majority of phones, allowing you to find your way to a location you’ve never been to before at the touch of a button.

6 Email/Instant Messaging Need to check and see if an important message was sent? Link your email address straight to your BlackBerry, Smartphone, or even a regular mobile device. Instant Messaging allows you to communicate faster than a text message and can be done in a variety of ways such as: – Downloadable apps for the iPhone – BlackBerry PIN exchange – Or even just using included features on your phone such as with A T&T and Verizon.

7 Video/Picture Need to show a colleague the new prototype from far away? Just snap a photo, or even shoot a video of yourself explaining the item and hit send, or even download Skype for your phone for a live video conference. Your partner will feel like he or she is right there with you.

8 Scheduling Don’t want to pay a personal assistant to keep you on top of and on time to all of your meetings? Sync your phone to your Microsoft Outlook calendar or make changes to your schedule on the go, right with your phone’s calendar feature. Even set alarms to make sure you’re early.

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