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l- Ben You-SenHe-OShe-OIt-OWe-BizYou-SizThey-Onlar.

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3 l- Ben You-SenHe-OShe-OIt-OWe-BizYou-SizThey-Onlar





8 You-SenHe-OShe-OIt-OWe-BizYou-SizThey-Onlar My- Benim Your-SeninHis-OnunHer-OnunIts-OnunOur-BizimYour-SizinTheir-Onların

9 This is my clock. These are your books. This is his car. These are her pencils. They are its bones. This is our living room. This is your money. This is their house.

10 This is my mobile phone. These are your mobile phones. This is his mobile phone. This is her mobile. This is its mobile. These are our mobile phones. These are your mobile phones. These are their mobile phones.

11 l- Ben You-SenHe-OShe-OIt-OWe-BizYou-Siz They- Onlar My- Benim Your-SeninHis-OnunHer-OnunIts-OnunOur-BizimYour-Sizin Their- Onların Mine- Benimki Yours-SeninkiHis-OnunkiHers-OnunkiIts-OnunkiOurs-BizimkiYours-SizinkiTheirs-Onlarınki

12 This is Sandra’s sweater. This is her sweater. This sweater is Sandra’s. This sweater is hers.

13 This is John’s car. This is his car. This car is John’s. This car is his.

14 -These are Jack’s and James’ balloons. -These are their balloons. -These balloons are Jack’s and James. -These balloons are theirs.

15 lYouHeSheItWeYouThey MyYourHisHerItsOurYourTheirMineYoursHisHersItsOursYoursTheirsMeYouHimHerItUsYouThem

16 Everybody loves me. Everybody loves you. Everybody loves him. Everybody loves her. Everybody loves it. Everybody loves us. Everybody loves you. Everybody loves them.

17 Sally is a hardworking student. She is very clever.Her brother is very clever,too. These presents are hers. Everybody loves her.

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