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Lasting Impressions STEC’s Employer of Choice Program.

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1 Lasting Impressions STEC’s Employer of Choice Program

2 Saskatchewan Tourism Education Council The Saskatchewan Tourism Education Council (STEC) has been committed to human resources development and the provision of education and training to support Saskatchewan’s tourism industry since 1990. Its mandate addresses human resource development, employee recruitment and retention, post-secondary and technical training, awareness of tourism as a viable career, and developing a professional and more representative tourism workforce.

3 Tourism Labour Market Partnership (TLMP) Vision Saskatchewan’s tourism industry will be leaders in progressive human resource practices supporting the development and sustainability of successful, quality, service-driven businesses.

4 Tourism Industry HR Strategy This strategy was created in 2007 and updated in 2008. One of its strategic directions was to: Move toward best practices in human resource management To implement an Employer of Choice program throughout the tourism industry in Saskatchewan, including the tools and resources to support assessment and implementation.

5 Employer of Choice Program Raising human resource standards within the tourism industry is important to employers and the industry as a whole. Recruit and retain top talent Enhance customer experiences

6 Employer of Choice Program An Employer of Choice is a business where employee actions directly align with business goals, employees feel appreciated and valued for their work and are acknowledged and rewarded for their contributions. The STEC Employer of Choice program will assist you in becoming an Employer of Choice by providing the tools and resources you need to: Engage in best practices. Improve your organization’s human resource practices. Be recognized as a leader in the tourism sector.

7 Employer of Choice Program The Employer of Choice program is based on the 7 human resource capabilities laid out by the Canadian Council of Human Resource Professionals and has four components: Online Audit Online Employee Opinion Survey The Report Recognition and Celebration

8 Employer of Choice Recognition Achieving Employer of Choice status gives employers recognition through marketing efforts of STEC. STEC works with these employers to ensure the following marketing avenues are of value: Online Print Events Referrals


10 western hotelier – June/July 2009


12 STEC’s Pilot Project Launched in August, 2009 with a completion date of March 31, 2010, the following participation to date includes: Program Registration - 21 employers Program Participation - 15 employers Program Completion - 4 employers Employer’s of Choice- To Be Announced

13 STEC’s Pilot Project Feedback and Changes: Multiple organization submissions Hiring Foreign Workers module Monthly survey updates

14 Lasting Impressions STEC hopes the results of this Employer of Choice program will create a lasting impression on tourism organizations and not only assist individual organizations in creating better human resource practices, but incorporating these practices into a bigger agenda – creating lasting impressions for employers and ultimately the customer.

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