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1 Jon Whitfield Agency CEO Head of Government Internal Audit.

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1 1 Jon Whitfield Agency CEO Head of Government Internal Audit

2 2 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

3 Benefits Greater resilience and responsiveness (SCS cover and flexibility of delivery) Assurance across organisational boundaries (Regional Growth Fund, Shared Services). A better deal from the Private sector. –Bigger/stronger customer –Competition rather than monopoly suppliers An enhanced career proposition for our people –development opportunities –ability to attract new talent. Development of audit specialisms. Peer to peer performance appraisal. 3

4 4 Financial Management Review Recommendations for Internal Audit Set up an independent agency of the HM Treasury. Consolidate the shared services further providing a single, integrated internal audit service. Create the role of Head of Government Internal Audit that will report to the DG of Spending and Finance in the HM Treasury.

5 Principles 5 The client focused principles: HIA’s report to their Accounting Officers. Their line management reporting line (including performance appraisal) is to the head of the shared service. Accounting Officers and Audit Committee Chairs have input to performance appraisal of their HIA. Accounting Officers and have final say over who acts as their HIA. Internal Auditors knowledge of their customers’ business, culture and maintenance of relationships is recognised as of paramount importance to maintaining a high quality Internal Audit Service.

6 Principles 6 The client focused principles: Internal Audit reports to the Accounting officer and reports are not released to third parties without their permission. Accounting Officers, advised by their Audit & Risk Committees and HIA, determine the volume of Internal Audit activity undertaken and to where it is directed. IA utilises support from the private sector as appropriate for access to skills & resource flexibility.

7 Progress Against the FMR 7

8 Locations 8 509.8 FTE 81 locations 67% of us are outside London Red = Phase 1 Blue = Phase 2

9 Where do we want to get to? 9 A flexible and responsive internal audit service which has a reputation among top management as making a real difference, providing excellent value for money and that is regarded as a great place to work. Technology One platform Access to key systems Common audit tools Service Common methodology Minimum QA standards Aligned processes and timings Adding value People Professional Multi-location Communities of specialist practice Our Values A Single Audit Practice Trust Respect Continuing Development ProfessionalismClient Focus

10 Development Programme Projects 10

11 Project Outlines 11 Governance & Culture  Vision and Values  Target Operating Model  Leadership styles in the Agency  Estates and Accommodation Strategy  Culture Change*  Business Change  Accountability  Business Continuity  Setting boundaries between Departments and the Agency  MoU and Service Level Agreements Policy  Branding Policy  Corporate Plan 2016-17 *Although culture change is led by this project, it will need to be an integral part of each project. Migration  Update of Framework Document  Terms and Conditions  Policies and Procedures  Transfer Arrangements  Trade Union Consultation  Providing the IT solution to allow access to GIAA HR/Finance systems and travel booking systems (from the ICT Strategy) for new organisations.  Data migration  Induction People  People Plan  Staffing strategy  Skills Needs and Talent Management  Job titles and job descriptions  Counter Fraud & Investigations Specialism  Career Pathways  Recruitment and Retention  Flexible Resourcing  Encouraging interchange between Government Departments  Performance Management  Learning and Development  Staff Satisfaction

12 Project Outlines 12 Pay  Pay Strategy  Pay Structure  Addressing differentials in pay and conditions to include longer term pay structure and associated work.  Qualified and unqualified differentials  Alignment with other professions in Government ICT Future ICT Strategy including platform, network and infrastructure and;  Access to Agency corporate systems and audit tools.  Future ICT Tools (hardware and software)  Online Collaboration solution  Expanding the GIAA intranet  Information Security and Assurance  Records Management including Document Storage and Retention Commercial and Finance  Commercial Awareness  Charging  Time Recording  Contracting  Strategic Partners and Third Parties  Utilisation  New Business  Licensing  Business Services Catalogue  Memorandum of Understanding and Service Level Agreements implementation  Financial Delegations  VAT  Costs of Business Development

13 Project Outlines 13 Technical Audit  Audit Planning  Methodology  Processes  Quality Assurance  External Quality Assessments  Client Satisfaction Management Information  Key Performance Indicators  Strategic MI  Customer MI  People, Money, Delivery Quality MI  Client and Staff Satisfaction MI  Competitive Benchmarking  Balance Scorecard Communications and Engagement  Communication Strategy  Engagement Strategy and Plan  Embedding Culture and Values  Communication Channels  Branding  Stakeholder Planning  Consistency of Communications  Regional Elements and Networks  GIAA Conferences

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