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Sex, Drugs, and Rock-n-Roll HIV/AIDS Prevention 7 th grade.

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1 Sex, Drugs, and Rock-n-Roll HIV/AIDS Prevention 7 th grade

2 Day 1: Today We Will… Discuss what we think/feel about HIV/AIDS Describe the difference between HIV & AIDS Look at how people get HIV Explain how people with HIV get sick

3 Agreements Respect everyone No put downs! Raise your hand One person speaks at a time Participate! Ask questions Keep an open mind

4 HIV Statistics The fastest growing group of people getting infected with HIV is heterosexual teenagers. Half of all new infections are now occurring among people ages 15-24. Two teenagers an hour become infected with HIV. AIDS is the 6 th leading cause of death among 15-24 year olds New York State has the greatest number of AIDS cases with 181,461 There are 26 AIDS cases in Cortland County

5 Cortland and Surrounding Counties: Number of AIDS cases, 2007 Cayuga323 Onondaga 1225 Madison 54 Tompkins 142 Cortland 26 Chenango 61 Tioga30 Broome358

6 H uman I mmuno-deficiency V irus It takes up to 10+ years for HIV to develop into AIDS ______________________________________________________ A cquired (gotten from someone else) I mmuno- (immune system) D eficiency (hard time fighting disease ) S yndrome ( signs and symptoms of a disease )

7 Body Fluids Which Transmit HIV YES NO Blood Urine Semen Feces Vaginal Fluids Vomit Breast milk Saliva Tears Sweat

8 How You Get HIV: Sex - oral, anal, and vaginal - blood, semen, and vaginal fluids can be exchanged IV Drugs - blood exchanged from one person to another Mother to child - blood exchanged through birth or breastmilk exchanged after baby is born

9 How You Do NOT get HIV: Treatment from doctors and dentists Donating blood Casual contact with others


11 STAGE 1: WINDOW PERIOD Point of infection Takes 1-3 months for antibodies to show up on an HIV test A person in the window period would test negative even though are actually positive Can infect another person Person looks and feels fine T-cells are approximately 1000 per milliliter of blood

12 Stage 2: ASYMPTOMATIC Stage lasts three months after infection to approximately 10 years after infection Immune system is under attack T-cells are being destroyed Person still looks and feels fine Experiencing no symptoms of sickness Can infect another person T-cells are approximately 1000-500 per milliliter of blood

13 Stage 3: SYMPTOMATIC Typically three years to ten years after infection, a person will develop symptoms of HIV Immune system is still being destroyed Person begins to feel sick: weight loss, fatigue, diarrhea, night sweats, vomiting Can still infect another person Person’s t-cell count drops to approximately 500-200 per milliliter of blood

14 Stage 4: AIDS When T-cell count drops below 200 per milliliter of blood, a person is diagnosed with AIDS A person typically becomes infected with opportunistic diseases like: Karposi’s sarcoma (cancer of blood vessels) or pneumosystic pneumonia, AIDS dementia A person dies from the opportunistic disease, not from AIDS

15 Fact or Myth Activity Based on all the information you learned today, decide whether each statement is true or false.

16 Fact or Myth? 1.Some animals, like monkeys, have the HIV virus. FALSE 2.A pandemic is when a large number of people get a disease and it spreads quickly. TRUE 3.People with HIV have difficulty fighting off infections. TRUE 4.HIV is the same as AIDS. FALSE 5.A person can be infected with HIV through saliva and sweat. FALSE

17 Fact or myth? 6.All mothers with HIV will have babies that have HIV. FALSE 7.You have a chance of getting HIV when you donate blood. FALSE 8.Having unprotected sex is the major way teens are getting HIV. TRUE 9.Doctors often get HIV from patients because they work around a lot of blood. FALSE 10.It can take up to 10 years or more for a person with HIV to get AIDS. TRUE

18 Conclusion Questions? Comments? Pass this information on to others Thank you for your cooperation

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