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Welcome Class of 2019!. This is the first time in all my (14) years that I have seen students and teachers excited about the same thing. P. Serwick.

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1 Welcome Class of 2019!

2 This is the first time in all my (14) years that I have seen students and teachers excited about the same thing. P. Serwick

3 Who are we?  27 different middle schools  All areas of New Castle County as well as Kent County  By majors:  Biotech – 2 sections  Engineering – 1 section  Computer Science – 1 section  Arts - 2 sections  You are the first class who will spend all 4 years of high school in our brand new building!

4 We come from many different middle school experiences.  Alfred G. Waters Middle School  AMY Northwest  Aspira Academy  Braveheart Christian Academy  Caravel Academy  Christ The Teacher Catholic School  Christ the Teacher School  Everett Meredith Middle  Family Foundations Academy  Gauger-Cobbs Middle  Gunning Bedford Middle  Holy Cross  Homeschool  Kirk Middle  Louis L. Redding Middle  Prestige Academy  Providence Creek Academy  MOT Charter School  P.S. Dupont Middle  Red Lion Christian Academy  Saint John the Beloved  St Elizabeth's Elementary  St Peter the Apostle  St. Anne's Episcopal School  St. John’s Lutheran  St. Peter New Castle  Widener Partnership Charter School

5 But you have many things in common already-------  You all have said you love to learn and want to take an active role in your learning.  You’ve decided early in life that education is important and you are pursuing a future in college.  You know your strengths and are motivated to improve your weaknesses.  You are willing to work hard and commit much of your time to advancing your studies in all subject areas. Learning is a priority for you.  You are eager to be cooperative problem solvers- collaborating on your work, your friendships and in building an outstanding high school.  You will all look AWESOME in our school dress code.  Your families are invested in your education and chose MOT Charter for the learning opportunities!  You are ready to be part of a unique high school experience.


7 We are MUSTANGS – We work hard to achieve MORE M indset for Learning O O rganization R esilience E ngagement

8 What does it mean to “Be a Mustang?”  ACADEMICALLY---your initiative, your focus, your persistence, your willingness to learn more, show more, ask more, solve more. Actively creating opportunities for your future success. You make good choices.  THIS MUST HAPPEN IN ALL OF YOUR CLASSES, EVERY DAY.  BEHAVIORALLY--- your kindness, your responsibility, your respect and your ability to believe in yourself. You make good choices.  THIS IS WHO WE ARE, NOT JUST WHAT WE DO.  YOU ARE NOW AND FOREVER A REPRESENTIVE OF OUR SCHOOL IN ALL THAT YOU DO. BE A LEADER – BE YOUR BEST – BE A MUSTANG

9 Our day looks like…  Doors open at 7:15 a.m.  7:25 a.m. instruction begins  85 minute classes  2 classes before lunch  Lunch between 10:15 a.m. and 11:45  2 classes after lunch  Daily Advisory/Activity Period  Monday & Wednesday classes  Tuesday & Thursday classes  Friday “Anchor” Day – students will visit all classes for 40 minute periods

10 Curriculum & Instruction  Rigorous and timely. We incorporate many “real-world” opportunities for students to apply their knowledge.  Collaboration and Communication.  Technology based-  Most of the coursework is presented through schoology, and most assignments are also submitted electronically.  Students are issued school laptops- a privilege and a responsibility.  Training, acceptable use, insurance, protective cases, charging, care & breakage.  24/7 Access to schoolwork and classmates

11 Dual Enrollment:  Opportunities for ALL students  College credit available starting in 9 th grade  Real credits and authentic courses from Wilmington University (& DelTech)- this is not college “lite”  Offered for college credit but not required  Huge savings

12 Mentors make our program unique!  Professionals in the fields of Engineering, Biotechnology & Computer Science meet with our students on a regular basis.  Serve as experts and guiding forces as students journey through their pathway and their high school experiences.  Facilitate meaningful field trips.

13 Homework Nightly expectation of 2+ hours of homework each night  Flipped classroom  Preview work for the next class  Research  Reflect on current learning  Create projects  Read your novels & texts  Write your papers  Watch lectures/ videos  Post feedback and questions

14 Activity & Advisory ACTIVITY & ADVISORY TIME IS SET ASIDE FOR…  Study, review sessions, study skills, student success planning  Mentoring/ Being Mentored  Peer tutoring  Project planning  Extra help  College planning- goal setting  Newspaper, Student Government, Yearbook clubs meet  Special events and assemblies

15 Extra-curricular clubs/activities-  TSA, BPA, Odyssey of the Mind, Science Olympiad, Math League  Rock Band, Guitar lessons, Yoga, Environmental Club  Spirit Committee, Cheer Team  Drama Club, Instrumental Ensemble  Mock Trial Team, Chess, 24 Club  Fees typically run from $50-$100

16 ATHLETICS  Girls:  Basketball, Volleyball, Field Hockey, Cross-Country, Soccer, Softball  Boys:  Basketball, Lacrosse, Soccer, Golf, Cross-Country, Baseball  We have some coaches in place, but would love to hear from other interested parents who will assist, manage, support our growing athletic programs.  Costs are currently $150 per sport, per season.

17 Dress Code Fashion Show

18 How can I stay involved now that my child is in high school? COMMUNICATE  13 years of highly successful K-8 programming  Outstanding 1 st year of High School  Ask questions if/when you’re unsure. Give feedback.  Perhaps new approaches to learning  Perhaps new technology- Schoology ADVOCATE VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES  Expert resource  Resource gatherer, Grant writers  Participate in fundraising/ Sports Boosters

19 How will MOT Charter help me help my child on his/her journey to college?  Opportunities for college presentations and campus visits.  Opportunities for course planning.  Opportunities for financial aid planning.  Partnering in setting high expectations and levels of academic achievement.

20 Coming this Summer!

21 And….. Your summer assignments  Assignments are in your folder—  1) Read The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, by Rebecca Skloot  “They are trying to crack their brains open.” -Current 9 th grade parent  2) Respond to and write about 3 quotes from each chapter (there are 38 chapters)  “There are 38 chapters!!!”-Current 9 th grade student  3) Read The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind, By William Kamkwamba  “ This {book} showed the boys passion to learn and that he would do anything to further his knowledge, which inspired me to follow his example and keep furthering my knowledge so that one day I could achieve my goals/dreams." - Nick Rouwhorst  4) Set up your Schoology Account, check in often and start making connections with your new classmates. You are ready to begin this amazing journey….. TOGETHER!

22 Upcoming events---- We’ll see you at the Blue Rocks Game on May 21 st. At our High School Open House (Date TBD) At a Freshman Mixer on July 11 th or July 25 th And at other trainings over the summer.

23 Questions or ideas---  Please fill out the index card in your folder with contact information and your questions/ideas. Turn it in to Mrs. Elston or Mrs. Jennings.

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