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badminton canoeingathletics skiing volleyball archery baseballgymnastics cycling swimming judo tabletennis.

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2 badminton canoeingathletics skiing volleyball archery baseballgymnastics cycling swimming judo tabletennis

3 6. Choose the odd one out. 1.Play 2. Take 3.Go 4.Win 5.Lose 6.Beat 7.Draw 8.Train 9.Score

4 What sport is it? (2) 1. Archery: bow, arrow 2. Bowling: 3. motorracing: racing car, crash helmet 4. scuba diving: snorkel, oxygen, mask, wetsuit. 5. horse jumping: horse, saddle, riding crop, 6. Snooker: balls, cue 7. windsurfing: board, sail 8. ice hockey: stick, puck 9. fencing: strip, mask, foil 10. javelin: javelin, strip 11. tabletennis 12. high jump 13. shotput/ discus 14. long jump

5 What sport is it? (3) Press-ups Body building Darts Discus Gymnastics Hammer Hurdles Kayaking / canoeing Polevaulting Rings Sit-ups Weight –lifting Uneven bars Wrestling Sailing Curling Rock –climbing Abseiling Bungee jumping

6 3. Match the columns to make right combinations tennis Horse-racing football shooting Motor racing boxing Ice hockey swimming court pool pitch rink racecourse Range racetrack ring trunks racket strip stick saddle target helmet gloves bow range archery shuttlecock court badminton

7 1.nil-nil/two –one/four all 2.fifteen-love/forty-thirty/ deuce Beat Penalty Score Extra time Lost Won Lost Won Set Lost Set Tie-break Game score 1.Rugby 4.Basketball 5.Motor racing 7.swimming 8.athletics

8 We need it for playing tennis N ____ We do boxing in this place R _____ WE play basket here C ____ Players want to score G _____ Long tube used for scuba-diving S _______ Person who whistles in a match R _____ We put it on our heads in motor racing C ______ H _____ We play ice-hockey here R _____ We put it on the horse to ride it S _______ We put the ball on this at golf T ____ Special clothes for scuba-diving W ______ Special clothes used by a team S______ Special ball for badminton S ______ Athletes run in this place T ____ Special glasses for swimming G ____ For fishing we need a fishing L ____ / R ___ A type of free fight W _____ It´s similar to discus but you throw a ball S __ We play golf here C _______ We shoot our gun at this T ______ We hit the ball with it B ____ Special ball for playing ice hockey P______ A type os stick for playing snooker C ____ We play baseball here P ____ Athletes jump them in a race H _______ Special glove for baseball M _____ Special stick for playing golf C ___ For archery we need an A___ and B ______ Special sword used for fencing F _____ Abdominales y flexiones S ____ and P ______ netrefereesnorkelgoalcourtring Crash helmet track rink hurdles course s huttlecock mitt target saddle club bat goggles Bow/arrow puck L ine/rod teestrip foil cue wrestling wetsuit Sit-ups/press-ups pitch shotput

9 SportPlaceEquipmentpeopleverbsOthers Badminton Boxing Ice hockey Basketball Soccer Shooting Snooker Running Golf Court Ring Rink Court Pitch Range ---- Track course shuttlecock gloves Stick/puck baskets Strip/goals Range cue strip Clubs/tee Hit Punch Hit/dribble/…

10 Throw in kick passshoot savetackle dribble To head Free-kick wall

11 playGodo badmintoncanoeing athletics skiing volleyballarchery

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