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Next Generation Trnsport Trnsport Users Group Conference Field Management TAG November 7, 2005.

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1 Next Generation Trnsport Trnsport Users Group Conference Field Management TAG November 7, 2005

2 Next Generation Trnsport (NGT) December 2004 - Trnsport Task Force (TTF) decided to rewrite the Trnsport software –The rewrite will involve the whole Trnsport product –The rewrite will take a period of several years to complete

3 Why Rewrite the Trnsport Software? TTF has set seven strategic goals for Trnsport These goals will be achieved through Next Generation Trnsport rewrite

4 Trnsport Strategic Goals Align with the AASHTOWare strategic direction –Web services, web-based clients, XML Eliminate unnecessary boundaries between and within systems –Unified data and security models and business rules Bring Trnsport’s value to a broader audience –Web-based access, support for multiple devices Reduce agency Total Cost of Ownership –Easier deployment, support, training, integration, use

5 Trnsport Strategic Goals (cont.) Provide architecture that meets the needs of current and future customers –Flexible, loosely coupled Services-Oriented Architecture –Improved reporting capabilities Build a consistent, unified data model –Also unify business rules and security model Enable easier integration with other systems –Web service interfaces based on industry standards

6 NGT Conceptual Architecture

7 NGT Services-Oriented Architecture

8 Services-Oriented Architecture Benefits –Encapsulate complexity –Loosely couple business model & technologies –Share data and contracts, not objects –Standards-based data integration and sharing –Support multiple client types –Perform testing more easily and efficiently –Perform development efforts in parallel Challenges –Security –Reliability

9 NGT Project Approach

10 Approach to Mitigate the Risks Start with PES/LAS, the most mature module with the most thoroughly documented business rules Use agile methodology based on “Scrum” methodology –Non-fixed scope project with fixed budget and schedule –Rapid development with frequent review and validation –Monthly “sprint” cycle: plan, execute, review/validate –Ability to adjust direction quickly based on discovery Frequent collaboration with TTF, including face-to-face meetings –Weekly TTF Conference Call –Monthly End Sprint Reviews Hands-on product validation at each iteration

11 Benefits of Agile Approach Lower risk since scope is flexible & refined as needed Get business value sooner since priorities are continually reviewed and adjusted Better solution in the end because you can adjust to changing conditions and knowledge gained Lower overall cost because risks are mitigated by the methodology Higher quality due to more frequent customer reviews and testing

12 NGT Phase 1

13 Phase I Project Risks Building new architecture with evolving technology Redefining the user interface and user experience Moving business rules from GUI and middle tiers into a service-oriented model Broad reach of data and security model and business rule unification goals

14 NGT Phase 1 Project Goals Implement Trnsport proposal, letting, and award business functions, releasing to all licensees when functionally equivalent to client/server PES/LAS Develop architecture Phase 1 functions require forward-looking design for future phases: –Architecture –Business rule unification –Data model unification –Security model unification –User interface look-and-feel unification

15 Phase 1 Migration Assistance Agencies have made significant investments in configuring Trnsport and developing custom extensions to Trnsport Phase 1 Migration Assistance Plan –Customization inventory and migration assessment –Migration scope estimation –Funded migration assistance available to PES/LAS licensees for a limited time after production release

16 NGT Rewrite Schedule

17 NGT Roadmap This schedule is tentative and is subject to change due to factors such as funding availability

18 Next Generation Trnsport How does this affect the Field Management TAG?

19 Next Generation Trnsport

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