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Security Software Basics

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1 Security Software Basics
Security software is designed to protect computers from various forms of destructive software and unauthorized intrusions The terms malicious software and malware refer to any computer program designed to surreptitiously enter a computer, gain unauthorized access to data, or disrupt normal processing operations A blended threat describes malware that combines more than one type of malicious program Chapter 3: Computer Software

2 Security Software Basics
Computer virus Computer worm self-replicating, spreads copies of itself to other computers via network Mass-mailing worm Trojan horse Keylogger Remote Access Trojan (RAT) Bot Attacker gains complete control of affected computer Zombie Botnet Spyware Chapter 3: Computer Software

3 Security Software Basics
What does malware do? Chapter 3: Computer Software

4 Security Software Basics
The term rootkit refers to software tools used to conceal malware and backdoors that have been installed on a victim’s computer A virus hoax usually arrives as an message containing dire warnings about a supposedly new virus on the loose Chapter 3: Computer Software

5 Antivirus Modules Antivirus software is a type of utility software that looks for and eradicates viruses, Trojan horses, worms, and bots A virus signature is a section of program code, such as a unique series of instructions, that can be used to identify a known malicious program, much as a fingerprint is used to identify an individual Virus signatures and other information that antivirus software uses to identify and eradicate malware is stored in one or more files usually referred to as virus definitions Chapter 3: Computer Software

6 Antivirus Modules Most experts recommend that you configure your antivirus software to periodically scan all the files on your computer If, during the scanning process, your virus protection software identifies a virus, worm, Trojan horse, or bot in a file or attachment, it can try to remove the infection, put the file into quarantine, or simply delete the file Chapter 3: Computer Software

7 Can you name some popular antivirus software brands?
Norton McAfee Trend Micro Malwarebytes Avast AVG Chapter 3: Computer Software

8 Buying Software Consumer Basics Software Copyrights and Licenses
Chapter 3: Computer Software

9 Consumer Basics Most operating systems include a handful of small applications and a good variety of useful utility software Figure 3-27 Chapter 3: Computer Software

10 Consumer Basics A software suite is a collection of application software sold as a single package Figure 3-28 Chapter 3: Computer Software

11 Security Suites A security suite integrates several security modules to protect against the most common types of malware, unauthorized access, and spam A security suite often times costs less than purchasing standalone security modules Chapter 3: Computer Software

12 Consumer Basics Available in many types of stores
Software contained on distribution media Make sure your computer meets the system requirements Figure 3-29 Chapter 3: Computer Software

13 Software Copyrights and Licenses
A copyright is a form of legal protection that grants the author of an original “work” exclusive rights Software licenses define the ways in which you may use a computer program Single-user Site Multiple-user Concurrent Shrink-wrap Figure 3-31 Chapter 3: Computer Software

14 Installing Software and Upgrades
Installation Basics Installing Local Applications Installing Portable Software and Web Apps Software Updates Uninstalling Software Chapter 3: Computer Software

15 Installation Basics Software installation is a process that places a program into a computer so that it can be run or executed Figure 3-34 Chapter 3: Computer Software

16 Installing Local Applications
Figure 3-37 Chapter 3: Computer Software

17 Installing Local Applications
Figure 3-38 Chapter 3: Computer Software

18 Installing Portable Software and Web Apps
Portable software is designed to run from removable storage, such as a CD or USB flash drive Installation is simply a matter of getting program files to the media on which they are supposed to run A Web application is software that is accessed with a Web browser May require client-side program to be installed Chapter 3: Computer Software

19 Software Updates Software publishers regularly update their software
Add new features Fix bugs Update security Software patches replace part of the software you currently have installed Service packs correct problems and address security vulnerabilities Chapter 3: Computer Software

20 Software Updates Updates are usually available online for registered software Always install patches and service packs when they become available Many software publishers require users to type in a validation code to complete an update Chapter 3: Computer Software

21 Uninstalling Software
Uninstall routines delete the software’s files from the various folders on your computer’s hard disk Figure 3-42 Chapter 3: Computer Software

22 File Types, MS Word, and MS Excel

23 File Types/Extensions
Name that file extension! .doc Microsoft Word Document

24 File Types/Extensions
Name that file extension! .docx Microsoft Word Open XML Document

25 File Types/Extensions
Name that file extension! .log Log File

26 File Types/Extensions
Name that file extension! .rtf Rich Text Format File

27 File Types/Extensions
Name that file extension! .csv Comma Separated Values File

28 File Types/Extensions
Name that file extension! .ppt PowerPoint Presentation

29 File Types/Extensions
Name that file extension! .gif Graphical Interchange Format File

30 File Types/Extensions
Name that file extension! .pdf Portable Document Format File

31 File Types/Extensions
Name that file extension! .xlsx Microsoft Excel Open XML Spreadsheet

32 File Types/Extensions
Name that file extension! .exe Windows Executable File

33 File Types/Extensions
Name that file extension! .msi Windows Installer Package

34 Microsoft Word

35 Microsoft Word Word processing software Commonly used for:
resume creation cover letter creation documentation design documents requirement documents status reports

36 Can save a Word document in many different file types


38 Ribbon Beginning with Office 2007 Microsoft began to utilize a “Ribbon” Contains toolbars Arranged in tabs

39 Home tab Allows you to change thing like:
font (type, size, color, etc.) bolding, italicizing, and underlining of text

40 Home tab It also allows you to
change the text alignment (ex. center text) change line spacing (ex. double spaced) create bulleted, numeric, or outlined lists

41 Insert tab Allows you to insert thing like: tables pictures shapes

42 Inserting a table Click on “Table”

43 Select how many rows and columns you’d like to start with by hovering over the blocks. Click when you have the number of blocks you want selected. In this example I have selected 4 columns and 2 rows

44 Your table will be inserted into your Word document

45 All cells will be highlighted once the entire table has been selected.
You can select your entire table by clicking within it and then clicking the 4 arrow cross. All cells will be highlighted once the entire table has been selected.

46 By right clicking on the selected table we are provided with a number of options

47 We can insert more columns or rows, merge cells, etc.

48 By clicking on “Borders and Shading
By clicking on “Borders and Shading...” we are provided with additional options we can apply to our table.

49 We can change how our table’s borders appear or we can remove them completely

50 Microsoft Word Demo

51 Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet software Commonly used for:
performing calculations forecasting reporting Analysis documentation requirement documents matrixes charts

52 Microsoft Excel Allows a user to easily
sort data filter data perform “what if” analysis auto-fill cells drag and drop information Excel can have a connection to a database, thereby allowing it to pull data from it

53 Can save an Excel document in many different file types


55 Ribbon Similar to the one in word

56 The “Home” tab allows us to easily change the formatting of numbers

57 A spreadsheet is made up of rows (represented by numbers), columns (represented by letters), and cells (represented by a letter/number combination In this example the selected cell is C5

58 We can type information into a cell

59 More importantly we can type formulas into a cell

60 Once we enter the formula the cell displays the result of it.

61 Another formula example
A1:A5 is called a range of cells The sum function is telling excel to sum the numbers in the specified range

62 Excel provides a ton of useful functions that can be applied to data
Examples include: sum average max min if year

63 Microsoft Excel Demo

64 OpenOffice Demo OpenOffice is an open source free office suite
Similar to Microsoft office it has applications for Word processing Spreadsheets Presentations Database Drawing

65 LibreOffice Demo LibreOffice is an open source free office suite
Similar to Microsoft office it has applications for Word processing Spreadsheets Presentations Database Drawing

66 Google Docs Demo

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