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Iowa Core, Outcome Four STEP FOUR: ALIGNMENT RESULTS DAY June 7, 2012.

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1 Iowa Core, Outcome Four STEP FOUR: ALIGNMENT RESULTS DAY June 7, 2012

2 Alignment Team  Sandra Campie, Lead  Terri Hansen-Blair, QL Consultant  Nicole Peterson, Head of Staff Development

3 Today’s Purposes 1.Long-term benefits of analyzing alignment data 2.Determine what questions district will need answered 3.Understand the analysis process for replication (should be the same each time for consistent expectations) 4.Ultimate alignment with the Iowa Core 5.Begin/Complete Alignment Action Plan

4 Up to this point.... 1.Leadership Team Attended Training 2.Leadership Delivered ICAT Camp in district/school 3.Teachers Participated in ICAT

5 Outline for the Day AM: Analyzing and Reporting Data PM: Action Planning & Determining Next Steps (Lunch on your Own)

6 Let’s Begin... Recalling 1.Use a poster sheet 2.Create three columns:  Aha’s  Needs  Questions 3.Work as a team to bring forward information from your use of ICAT

7 Analyzing and Reporting Data – WHAT?  Viewing Data  Comparing Data  BREAK  Steps in Analyzing Data (BLUE SHEETS IN PACKET)

8 Comparing Data Steps  You can view your own data or compare your data to other courses or grade levels.  Comparing Data Tutorial Comparing Data Tutorial

9 Data Questions  Describe or summarize what you have learned  Determine a preference  To compare and contrast two or more data sets  To generalize or make predictions from a set of data

10 Step 1: What data question do you have? (blue organizer) Possible Topics  Gaps, Overlaps  A-ha’s or things you didn’t know happened or were taught  Alignment vertically or horizontally Examples  What areas (details, concepts, skills) of Iowa Core have not been addressed?  What domains of 21 st Century Skills are taught in art class?  How well is the fraction domain addressed in grades 3-5? More examples on green sheet.


12 Action Planning: NOW WHAT? ANY plans your team makes should be written into your Iowa Core Implementation Plan, Outcome Four Don’t Forget!

13 Sample School in Action School A: Vertical Course Changes in Social Studies School B: Common vision to drop things that have the least amount of student achievement of that data doesn’t support & use that with teacher teams/meetings School C: Decided to create weekly meeting time for PLC’s about instruction and Iowa Core. School D: All teachers required to complete Unit Plan template on Google spreadsheet for at least one unit per quarter (transparency) [IC, Unit Goal, SA, Target, FA, & Add. Info]

14 “Observation and Dialog” Requirement or one of the eventual “next steps” in this work is observation and dialog (Outcome 4, Action 4 c.1). This will not be prescribed, but should be occurring as part of the work to “prove” the reported enacted curriculum is actually being taught.

15 Some really BIG Questions!  How do we eliminate “things” not in Iowa Core?  How do we attain Core for “each and every”?  What will the alignment process look like in our district?  What does all this mean for professional development?  How will you communicate this information with all staff?  How can we institutionalize this process across time?  What are the measurable goals and how are they monitored?  What else do we need to be looking at?

16 Work Time & Report Out (BLUE SHEETS IN PACKET)

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