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Welcome! How to Sell to the Commonwealth Published: June 2011.

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1 Welcome! How to Sell to the Commonwealth Published: June 2011

2 Introduction to eVA & VA’s Purchasing Policies Published: June 2011

3 What is eVA? The tool used by the Commonwealth for all purchasing activity. 171+ state agencies, colleges & universities 575+ local governments 22,000+ eVA Users Announce bidding opportunities Get quotes Place orders for goods/services

4  Understand Purchasing Policy  Know Where eVA Buyers Shop  Find Your Niche To Be Successful You Need to…


6 Vendors Manual Chapter 2 has information about: (2.3) Small Purchases (2.4) Sealed or Formal Bids (2.6) Competitive Negotiation Access the Vendors Manual (FREE) from the Vendor tab of the eVA website, which provides detailed information about VA’s purchasing rules

7 $100,000 & under  Purchases $100,000 & under $5,000 & under = Single Quote Over $5,000 - $100,000 = Competitively Bid  Must be set aside exclusively for DMBE-certified small businesses (unless exempt!) for $50,000 and under  Price must be fair and reasonable or agency must obtain additional quotes (which can be from non-DMBE small business in some instances) Small Purchase Policy

8 Where eVA Buyers Shop- eMall (ShopNow) eVA Buyers typically shop the eMall for purchases $5k & under One (1) single written or telephone quote is required from a DMBE certified small business

9 eVA Tools: Catalogs  Be More Visible There are more than 170 agencies, almost 600 localities, and over 22,000 eVA users!  It’s Free Advertising! Tell Buyers who you are and what you sell  Easy, Fast Ordering Make shopping easier for your customers oBuyers pick & click instead of typing Help Buyers tell you exactly what they want Receive orders faster oe-Mail oFax oElectronic  Make it Fit Your Business You Chose How Buyers ‘Shop’ with You oConnect to your website oShow price list oAsk to be contacted for pricing oAll of the Above Create a Catalog for the eMall (ShopNow):

10 Where eVA Buyers Shop– Quick Quote Electronic bidding process for purchases typically over $5k - $100k. You’re notified automatically via email or fax—IF matching Commodity Codes & Service Areas!  Agencies must use Quick Quote to solicit bids from at least four (4) DMBE- certified small businesses  Quick quotes are open for a minimum of three (3) days to allow vendors to respond

11 over $100,000  Purchases over $100,000  Sealed Bidding –Competitive Sealed Bidding (IFB-Invitation For Bid) Specific terms Detailed specifications Awarded based on price –Competitive Negotiation (RFP-Request for Proposal) Vendor proposes solution Two (or more) offers are selected for negotiation that are fully qualified & best suited Award is made to best overall proposal, which may or may not be the lowest price Large, Complex Purchase Rules

12 Where eVA Buyers Shop- VA Business Opportunities (VBO) Search by Keyword, Category, Type, etc. At-a-glance view of solicitation details, including Buyer Contact Information Electronic posting for solicitations typically over $5,000 You’re notified automatically via email or fax—IF matching Commodity Codes! RFPs are also advertised in local newspapers Free Public Access

13 Access to Detailed Information including Attachments, etc. VBO Only Vendors registered as “Premium” receive notifications by email/fax (FREE to register)

14  Demand: Do state & local gov’t entities buy what you sell?  Have you identified which buyers need your product/service?  Have you looked at your competition? Find Your Niche eVA’s Free Tools Can Help You…

15 Step 1: NIGP Look Up (Demo) Commodity Codes Describe your products/services Tell eVA Buyers what you sell Match you with bid opportunities

16 Step 2: FREE Public Reports (Demo)

17 Tour the eVA website!

18 Get Registered! What you need to register…  Federal Tax Identification Number (TIN) – The 9 digit TIN or Social Security number that identifies your organization  DUNS number – Required for e-commerce. This free 9 digit number is issued by Dun & Bradstreet and identifies unique locations within a given company  Addresses and Contact information  Commodity Codes & Service Areas If you chose to receive orders electronically remember to register with Ariba! It’s Free!!

19 Vendor Account Basics Registration Levels (FREE to register) Basic—DO NOT send me bid notices Premium—DO send me bid notices E-Mail Fax Postal Service (the Buyer is responsible for notifying you) Service Areas Tell eVA Buyers where you sell “10”—choosing Statewide increases your opportunities Automatic notifications by e-mail & fax Solicitations = Bidding Opportunities

20 With eVA … eVA Customer Care 1-866-289-7367 or Online  eVA Order Terms  Vendor Manual  Vendor Resources  Tutorials & More! Need Help? Doing Business with the Commonwealth… Dept. of Business Assistance or 1-866-248-8814 Dept. of Minority Business Enterprise or 804-786-6585

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