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Nine Dimensions of Religion

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1 Nine Dimensions of Religion
LO ’s: -Explain the differences between indigenous and world religions --Identify nine dimensions of religion and link them to features of Catholicism

2 Starter Activity Without looking at your notes from yesterday:
Come up with one-two sentences defining the word religion. List 5 of the major world religions.

3 Indigenous vs World religions
Indigenous religion – originates within a culture and is identified with that culture. Examples: Aboriginal, Maori and people of Pacific regions, North American World religion – when a religion spreads beyond its culture of origin, adapting to other cultures. Examples: Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism are the main world religions

4 Nine Dimensions of Religion
There are many ways to analyse a religion. Here are nine dimensions that will be extremely valuable to you for the Unit Standard Assessment at the conclusion of the Unit.

5 Sacred Texts The holy books of the religion. Note that
some traditional religions had no sacred texts because they were an oral tradition. However their carvings and other works of art could be regarded as their form of “sacred texts”

6 The central beliefs of a religious group
Sacred Beliefs The central beliefs of a religious group

7 Sacred Symbols The objects, places and, sometimes people that are considered holy by the religions members.

8 Sacred Rituals The Religious ceremonies, prayers and practices through which a religion’s members worship and celebrate.

9 (Moral Laws) – The moral laws of a religion
Sacred Ethics (Moral Laws) – The moral laws of a religion

10 Religious Social Structure
The social organisation of the Religion

11 The personal experience of the believer
Religious Experience The personal experience of the believer

12 The religious stories which explain meaning
Sacred Stories The religious stories which explain meaning for the religion

13 Religious History History of religion and it’s development over time. Includes ways in which individuals, movements and events have shaped its identity.

14 Your Task Get into groups of 2. Work out examples of each dimension for the Roman Catholic Church Pick your partner wisely and be prepared to share your answers with the rest of the class!

15 Catechism of the Catholic Church
Sacred Texts The Bible Catechism of the Catholic Church

16 Sacred Beliefs That Jesus is truly the Son of God Heaven and Hell
Being created in God’s Image

17 Sacred Symbols

18 Sacred Rituals Baptism Eucharist Marriage Liturgy…

19 Sacred Ethics Ten Commandments Modern ethics Bio-ethics

20 Religious Social Structure
Headed by the Pope Cardinals and Bishops Priests and Religious Laity (us)

21 Pilgrimage Experiences
Religious Experience Personal Revelation Mystical Experience Pilgrimage Experiences

22 Sacred Stories The Story of Creation Noah’s Arc Parables

23 Religious History Jewish Origins Roman influence in Church’s Infancy
Middle Ages Reformation and Counter-Reformation Second Vatican Council

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