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Graphic Novel Mind-Map Project

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1 Graphic Novel Mind-Map Project

2 Graphic Novel Mind-map Project
As you read your graphic novel, you need to be taking jot notes in the graphic organizer provided This graphic organizer summarizes the characteristics of a graphic novel – the Setting, the Characters, the Genre, the Illustrations and the Format/Layout You will be given sufficient class time to work on this project but if you are not completed after the designated time, you will be required to finish it at home

3 Five Categories 1. Setting – Where and when did the story take place?
2. Characters - Who are the main characters involved in the graphic novel? What role do they play? Eg superhero, detective, warrior, etc. 3. Genre - What ‘type’ is the graphic novel that you have read? Eg: action, romance, fantasy, sci-fiction, realistic fiction, etc.

4 Five Categories cont’d
4. Illustration Style - What is the illustration style? Eg Cartoon-like, realistic, manga, etc. 5. Format/Layout - How is the graphic novel presented? What are the panels like? What is the relationship between the text and the illustration?

5 Graphic Novel Mind-map Project
When you have completed reading the graphic novel and filled out the graphic organizer, you will be creating a mind-map from your Graphic Organizer jot notes for the categories: Setting, Characters, Genre, Illustrations, Format/Layout Use the large paper provided Each category will have jot notes and a graphic representation (illustration drawn and coloured) to represent your jot notes You will use arrows from each category for your jot notes and a hand-drawn and coloured illustration This is to be neat and tidy

6 Graphic Novel Title and Author and Illustrator
First: Insert a title in large letters – coloured bubble letters or stencilled letters work best In smaller letters identify the author(s) and illustrator(s) Graphic Novel Title and Author and Illustrator

7 Next: Neatly colour each category a different colour

8 Now: Draw an arrow from a category and write your notes from your graphic organizer in a shape, keeping in mind that more than one arrow may be necessary, and more than one shape There must be at least one hand-drawn and coloured illustration to represent your notes After you finish a category, lightly shade in the shapes in the same colour as its category

9 Example: SETTING During the 1700s
In Guanajuato, a small town in Mexico SETTING

10 Finally: So: Continue like that for each category
Each set of notes must have at least one picture as a means of explanation So: Your mind-map should end up looking something like this…

11 Graphic Novel Title, Author, Illustrator
Romance Text under images School Japan Same sized panels Setting Format Layout Graphic Novel Title, Author, Illustrator Genre Characters Illustration Hero Manga School girl Realistic Colour

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