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New Hire training.

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1 New Hire training

2 Operation RedBlock: Mark-off procedures
The following procedures are approved by your organization and will be supported by the carrier. If you are called to work and have been using alcohol or drugs, tell the carrier that you need to mark-off OPERATION REDBLOCK. DO NOT USE ANY OTHER REASON TO MARK-OFF. The failure to properly identify the reason as Operation RedBlock could result in disciplinary action.

3 Operation RedBlock: Mark-off procedures
If you are on duty or going on duty and discover that your co-worker has been using alcohol or drugs (whether impaired or not) immediately stop what you are doing and tell you co-worker that you cannot work with him/her. Advise your co-worker that you must mark him/her off Operation RedBlock. A call must be made to a division supervisor. When you tell the supervisor that you have a REDBLOCK situation, he/she will assist when necessary in getting your co- worker off duty and safely off the property. No discipline will be administered and no records will be kept. Once the incident is over and the employee is off duty, notify a RedBlock team member of the incident so that help can be offered confidentially to the employee.

4 Operation RedBlock: Mark-off procedures
Should the impaired employee be uncooperative, the co-worker can use the CO-WORKER BYPASS AGREEMENT and request the help of a supervisor. In these cases, the supervisor will come out to assist the co-worker in removing the employee and getting him/her home. NO RULE G charges will be made if the Employee Assistance Program Counselor is contacted within five (5) days.

5 Operation RedBlock: Mark-off guidelines
For an On Call, On Duty, or Away from Home Terminal, an employee will be allowed to mark off Operation RedBlock 3 times within a twelve month period. First time - Team Captain contacts employee, discusses with him/her facts of mark-off, and offers whatever assistance is necessary. Reminds employee of his/her working responsibility.  *An Employee can be referred to the EAP at any time based on individual situations*

6 Operation RedBlock: Mark-off guidelines
Second time - Team Captain contacts employee, discusses facts of the mark-off, educates employee on guidelines for Operation RedBlock program, and their work responsibility. If mark-off happens again, employee could be referred to the Employee Assistance Program Counselor in accordance with the Co-Worker Bypass Agreement. The employee’s Local Chairman will be consulted. Third time - Team Captain contacts employee and discusses the mark-off. The ORB Coordinator will counsel with the Team Captain, Local Chairman, and General Chairman of situation. If all agree, employee will be instructed to contact company Employee Assistance Counselor within (5) days as per the Co-Worker Bypass Agreement. The ORB Coordinator will then contact management as per Co-Worker Bypass Agreement. *An Employee can be referred to the EAP at any time based on individual situations*

7 Away From Home Terminal
Employees reporting for duty, on duty, on CSX property, or occupying facilities provided by CSX are prohibited from having in their possession, using, or being under the influence of alcoholic beverages or intoxicants. „Employees shall neither report for duty nor perform service while under the influence of, nor use while on duty or on CSX property, any drug, medication, or other substance, including prescribed medication that will in any way adversely affect the employees’ alertness, coordination, reaction, response, or safety. The illegal use and/or possession of a drug, narcotic, or other substance that affects alertness, coordination, reaction, response, or safety is prohibited while on or off duty.

8 Away From Home Terminal
If you are checked in to the hotel by your CLC card, or other railroad provided payment, you are considered on CSX property. Please note that Rule 106 (G) is very broad, and includes all forms of intoxicants, including prescribed medication. CSX employees are subject to Rule 106 (G) charges while on or off duty, provided that they are on company property, and are subject to the same penalties. The Operation RedBlock mark off is permitted at the away from home terminal. Please protect yourself and your co-workers!

9 What you need to know about Federal drug and alcohol testing
You are in violation of Federal regulations if you are in possession of alcohol or illegal drugs while assigned to perform covered service; or if you use alcohol on duty; or within 4 hours of reporting for covered service; or after receiving notice to report (whichever is the lesser period). Use of illegal drugs is prohibited on or off-duty. Alcohol Concentration Below 0.02: A railroad may not use a Federal test result below 0.02 for Federal or company action. Breathalyzers are not certified at levels below 0.02, so a test result below 0.02 is negative.

10 What you need to know about Federal drug and alcohol testing
Alcohol Concentration 0.02 to 0.039: If you are on railroad property with an alcohol test result from 0.02 through 0.039, your test result is “positive” for alcohol, and the railroad must remove you from covered service for at least 8 hours. The railroad is not prohibited from taking further disciplinary action under company policy.

11 What you need to know about Federal drug and alcohol testing
Alcohol Concentration 0.04 or More and/or Illegal/Unauthorized Drug Use: If you test positive for illegal or unauthorized drugs, and/or if you test positive for alcohol at 0.04 or higher, you are in “violation” of the Federal rules and the railroad must remove you from covered service. To be allowed to return to covered service, you must first: Complete the Federal return-to-duty requirements, including evaluation by a Substance Abuse Professional and any recommended education and/or treatment; and have a negative result on your Federal return-to-duty test. If the railroad chooses to return you to duty, you will have to take Federal follow-up tests for up to five years. You will take a minimum of six follow-up tests in the year after you return to work.

12 What you need to know about Federal drug and alcohol testing
Prescription and Over-The-Counter Medications You must inform one of your treating physicians of all the prescribed and over-the-counter drugs you are taking so that your doctor can determine if your use of these drugs is consistent with the safe performance of your duties. You must use the medication at the doctor’s prescribed or authorized dosage. The railroad may require you to obtain prior approval for any drugs you are taking. Use Only Prescriptions in Your Name: You may only legally use medications prescribed for you. You are not authorized to use medication prescribed for someone else, such as medications prescribed for your spouse, parents, or children. Using someone else’s prescription drugs can result in a positive Federal test result.

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