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1 New Club Development Guide. 2 Why Organize a New Lions Club To serve To make a difference To assist those in need To introduce new projects to local.

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1 1 New Club Development Guide

2 2 Why Organize a New Lions Club To serve To make a difference To assist those in need To introduce new projects to local communities

3 3 District Benefits Fulfill unmet needs in communities that are not currently served by Lions Attract families, women and younger members Rejuvenate and grow membership

4 4 Choosing a Club Format  Traditional Lions clubs Traditional Lions clubs  Campus Lions clubs Campus Lions clubs  Lioness Lions clubs Lioness Lions clubs  Leo Lions clubs Leo Lions clubs  Club branches Club branches  Special interest clubs Special interest clubs

5 5 Steps to New Club Development To organize a new Lions club, you will need: 20 or more charter members A sponsoring club, region, zone, district cabinet or district committee Completed charter application and report of charter members Your district governor’s approval Appropriate charter fees and certification forms Once you find a need, it's easy to charter a new club! Increase sustainability by 70% by chartering with 25 or more members!

6 6 To organize a club branch, you will need: A minimum of five branch members Elected branch president, secretary and treasurer A sponsoring club and branch liaison Your district governor to be informed Completed notification form

7 7 Step One Determine Areas of Opportunity  Size of the population  Current service clubs and community organizations  Local project possibilities and benefits for the area  Groups of people who are not currently being recruited by another Lions club  Young adults, women, ethnic communities and other underrepresented groups  Location of nearest possible sponsoring Lions clubs

8 8 Step Two Develop Your Team Team members should be: Hardworking Committed to the development of the new club Passionate about being a Lion

9 9 Sponsoring Clubs Support the guiding Lion(s) Ensure chartered club has proper orientation into Lions Co-host Charter Night Encourage district participation Encourage interclub functions Support the club’s activities Provide guidance without interfering

10 10 SUB-TEAMS ResponsibilitiesQualities Lead Team Contact Lions’ network via phone and email Research key leaders Set up appointments with leaders Organized Tech-savvy Comfortable on telephone Strong writing skills Field Team Develop plan for outreach to key community business leaders Visit business leaders and ask them to join Lions or attend informational meeting Post informational flyers in high-visibility areas and at businesses Social Professional demeanor Quick thinker Strong interpersonal skills Ground Team Develop plan for outreach to community members Set up promotion stations in the community Social Professional demeanor Strong interpersonal skills Response Team Conduct follow-up with prospective members Keep new members informed about meeting times and updates Organized Tech-savvy Comfortable on telephone Strong writing skills Once your team is established, consider dividing the members into the following four sub-teams:

11 11 Lead Team Responsibilities Build a Lions’ network Research key community leaders Conduct Lions’ network outreach Conduct key leaders outreach

12 12 Field Team Responsibilities Develop a plan for outreach Visit business leaders Post informational flyers in high-visibility areas

13 13 Ground Team Responsibilities Build a Lions’ network Develop an outreach plan Contact businesses Get promotional materials Conduct outreach

14 14 Response Team Responsibilities Build a Lions’ network Create a database Conduct follow-up Keep everyone informed

15 15 Step Three Conduct Site Development Research Contact Community Leaders to discuss their needs Community leaders Chamber of Commerce executive director Mayor and other community leaders School administrators Officials from law enforcement agencies, fire departments, human service agencies and business groups Community Needs Assessment

16 16 Step Four Promote the New Club to the Community Promote the new club to the community. Identify your potential members. Develop a campaign which highlights targeted message.

17 17 Step Five Recruit Charter Members The number one reason why people don’t join is simply because they were never asked. Who will we recruit? Community leaders Residents


19 19 How Will We Recruit? 1.Canvassing 2.Limited recruiting 3.Group conversion 4.Ground recruiting 5.Branch development

20 20

21 21 1.Dress appropriately. 2.Turn your phone off. 3.Start at the top. 4.Overcome obstacles at the front desk. 5.Don’t wait more than 10 minutes. 6.Don’t carry too much literature. 7.Get clues from their office. 8.Anticipate responses. 9.Always be positive and leave them smiling. 10.Always ask for referrals. Recruiting Tips

22 22 Introduce yourself and explain that you are recruiting new members for your Lions club in their community. Ask if they are familiar with Lions clubs. Compliment the individual and thank them for their time. If they are not familiar Explain that your Lions club is a service group of men and women interested in improving their community. Ask what they know about Lions. Explain that your Lions club is a service group of men and women interested in improving their community. If they are familiar Explain that there will be an informal meeting for the club in their community. Invite person to come and learn more. Give the date, time and location of the meeting. Explain the time commitment and cost of joining the club. Recruiting Script

23 23 Recruiting Script

24 24 Recruiting Materials Better Communities. Changed Lives (EX-511) Charter Member Application (TK-188) Recruiting Flyer (EX-109A) Lions Make a Difference (ME-40) Family Membership Brochure (MPFM-8) I Am a Lion (ME-37) Be Part of Something that Matters Brochure (EX-801) Lions Pocket Card (ME-33)

25 25 New Club Development Materials The following kits are available: Traditional Kit (KITEXT)  Special Interest Lions Club Flyer (EX-544)  Champions Lions Club Guide (EX-547)  Champions Lions Club Brochure (EX-546) Campus Lions Club Kit (KITCC) Lioness Lions Club Kit (KITEXT + Lioness Brochure MKLP-1) Leo Lions Club Kit (KITEXT + Leo to Lion Program Brochure LL-1) Club Branch Kit (KITBR)

26 26 Leads CategoryAction TakenAction Needed Group 1 Charter MembersCompleted an application and paid the charter fee. Send a letter of congratulations with the date, time and location of the first club meeting. Group 2 High-Interest ProspectsMay come to a club meeting but did not complete an application. Send a letter inviting them to the meeting. Group 3 Other ProspectsMay be interested but could not attend a club meeting. Keep on the mailing list and contact them following the first meeting with an update on the club’s progress. Continue to invite them to get involved. Group 4 Possible ProspectsListed names of people who may be interested. Determine a time to contact them in person. Group 5 Not InterestedExpressed no interest in joining at the current time. Keep on the mailing list for future projects and events of the new club. Put leads into five categories:

27 27 Step Six The Informational Meeting First meeting for prospective members to find out more about Lions and the new club Begin to build the new club’s membership Prepare for a successful organizational meeting

28 28 Meeting Preparation Set up for fewer people than expected and have some light refreshments. Lions should dress professionally (not Lions vests). Have name tags with attendees’ names prepared in advance. A Lion should be at the entrance to welcome attendees.

29 29 Conducting the Meeting Welcome Introductions Present overview Discuss community Inquire about projects Verify upcoming meeting Collect club membership applications 1.Start on time, and end on time. The meeting should last 60 minutes or less. 2.Emphasize that 100% of the money collected from the public goes directly to helping those in need. 3.The club should meet every week until the club is formed.

30 30 Post-Meeting Follow-up The next day, send a thank you letter to all attendees and send meeting information to those that did not attend. Contact recommended individuals and others in the community to invite them to the next meeting. Update any flyers or promotional materials for the next meeting. Before the next meeting, make phone calls to members and prospective members to confirm their attendance.

31 31 Step Seven The Organizational Meeting Elect officers Plan the first service project The set-up for this meeting is the same as the informational meeting.

32 32 Conducting the Meeting Welcome new and past attendees with a recap of last meeting. Explain a charter club application or branch application. If all agree, conduct elections and complete charter application. Set-up a date, time and place to hold the next meeting.

33 33 Post-Meeting Follow-up Meet with club officers to begin new training. Motivate members to promote club and extend invitations for upcoming meetings/service projects. Maintain contacts and follow-up with interested individuals who could not attend meeting.

34 34 Step Eight New Club Application Naming the new club Other naming restrictions Dues Completing the Club Branch Application, if appropriate

35 35 Available Charter and Dues Discounts Family membership Student members Leo Lions and young adults

36 36 Step Nine Charter Approval Once approved, materials will be sent to the new club’s guiding Lions. The Charter will be presented during the Charter Night celebration. Districts who charter ten or more new clubs in a fiscal year must provide verification that the new clubs will be supported for long-term growth. June 20 th deadline for chartering new clubs in same fiscal year.

37 37 Step Ten Continued Club Development Sponsoring club assistance Guiding Lion support Transition of power

38 38 New Club Development Awards Extension Awards District Governor Extension Award Family Membership Banner Patch New Club Sponsor Banner Patch Campus Banner Patch Campus Award Pin Club Branch Banner Patch Club Branch Award

39 39 Questions?

40 Membership & New Club Development Department Phone: 630-203-3845 Email:

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