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Important Decisions Unit Test Friday Dec. 10th.

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1 Important Decisions Unit Test Friday Dec. 10th

2 What are the 7 ways of being a true friend
What are the 7 ways of being a true friend. Name and briefly describe each. Be Slow to Judge You Make the Effort Build the RBA Make Yourself More Likable Be Inclusive Treat Unkindness with Kindness Lift Others

3 What are the 7 friendship survival tips? Name and explain each.
Choose steady friends who like you for who you are, not fickle ones who like you for what you have. Make as many friends as you can, but never center your life on them. Stop trying to be popular. Just be yourself, be nice to everyone, and good things will happen

4 Continued… 4. If you are tired of playing the Queen Bee and Wannabe game, be a Gamma Girl. 5. Be quick to forgive your friends all their little faults, just as you hope they’ll forgive you yours. 6. If people are gossiping about you or you’re being bullied, confront the bully or find a way to live above it 7. When it comes to friendships, stop competing or comparing and start thinking Win-win.

5 3. Name and describe the 3 elements that make up the Peer Pressure Shield
Preparation – think about your plan before you ever find yourself in the situation A strong support system – surround yourself with those people who support your life goals. Be strong in the moment – be confident and stand up for what you believe in.

6 6. Identify and explain Habits 4, 5 and 6
Habit #4 – Think Win-Win: Life is an all you can eat buffet. Everyone can feel like they “won.” Habit #5 – Seek first to understand, then be understood. Listen twice as much as you talk. Practice genuine listening. Habits #6 – Synergize. When two or more people work together to do more than they could of on their own.

7 Friend scenario Habit 4 Habit 5 Habit 6

8 Define the following: Coercion- manipulate, threaten or pressure another person Consent – voluntary agreement Sexual Assault – Any form of sexual activity without consent

9 8. Name and describe the three stages of a relationship:
Stage 1 – The sparkle. Based on infatuation. Think the person is perfect. Stage 2 – The disillusionment. See the other person’s flaws. Decide to break up or accept and love the person anyway. Stage 3 – Mutual acceptance and mature love. Comfortable and confident in your relationship.

10 Define sexual abstinence
Sexual abstinence is no exchange of bodily fluids and/or genital to genital or skin to genital contact.

11 What are two things that may cause abstinence to fail?
Alcohol and/or drug use Sexual assault Not identifying sexual situations Peer pressure

12 What impact does substance use have on sexual decision making?
Your judgment is impaired You are 7 times more likely to be sexually active when using alcohol You are 5 times more likely to be sexually active when using drugs

13 What is one characteristic of a functional relationship and one for a dysfunctional relationship?
Functional relationship – open and honest communication Dysfunctional relationship – fighting and/or violence

14 What are two methods of contraception used by males and describe?
Condoms – this is a barrier method that helps to prevent pregnancy by not allowing semen to pass through the condom Abstinence

15 What are two methods of birth control used by females and explain each?
Birth control pills – hormonal method of birth control where you take a pill each day except for during your period. Birth control patch – worn for one week at a time except for during your period. It is a hormonal birth control option.

16 An oral/dental dam Use a condom. Cut off the tip Cut down one side
15. Explain how a person can prevent getting an STI or HIV when engaging in oral sex. Explain how to make the needed protection. An oral/dental dam Use a condom. Cut off the tip Cut down one side You now have a piece of latex to use as a barrier between you and your partners genitals

17 What are the 6 steps to using a condom properly?
Step 1 – Check the expiration date/material/air Step 2 – Push the condom to the side and carefully open Step 3 – Find the sombrero and pinch the tip of the condom Step 4 – Use your other hand to role down the condom Step 5 – Hold on to the condom when pulling away from your partner Step 6 – Throw the condom in the garbage

18 Review all your notes, handouts, and assignments
Test Format

19 Write the following in your notes:
Multiple choice – 20 pts Relationships with friends scenario – solve the problem using Habit 4, 5, and 6 The difference between infatuation and love Fill in the Peer Pressure Shield diagram Reading and response

20 Continued… Functional vs. dysfunctional relationships
Abstinence definition and advantages True/False section Short answer: Choose 4 of 5 topics Sexual Assault Crisis Center notes STI’s/HIV and how to use a condom Birth control methods Substance use and sexual decision making


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