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Integration of ePayment facility to KWA eTendering system

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1 Integration of ePayment facility to KWA eTendering system

2 ePayment process Viewing of Tender Documents ·Contractors can view and download the Tender documents free of cost from the site. ·The Tender Notices, NIT, Tender documents (PDF format) is available in Tender Free View. Online request by Contractors ·The Contractor will click the request icon to download the Bidding Forms (Excel Spreadsheet) electronically. ·The tender documents are instantly issued to the Contractor free of cost.

3 ePayment process Submission of Tender Fees & EMD ·The facility is provided through BILLDESK Payment Gateway in the site. ·The Contractor has to remit the amounts towards cost of Tender documents and EMD through online payment gateway ·Contractor has to keep his Credit Card / Net banking information ready before making the online transaction. Remittance of Tender Fees : The contractor shall use the option of Credit / Debit Card / Net Banking (supports over 30 Banks) Remittance of EMD : Since the transaction value of EMD is high, the Net Banking facility is recommended for EMD submission in online facility. ·Once payment transaction is successful, Contractor will get Transaction Reference No. which has to be retained by Contractor.

4 Vendor Request for Tender Fees / EMD

5 Vendor selects E-Payment Option

6 Click on BillDesk Icon

7 Click on Pay Now Icon

8 Select Payment Option

9 OPTION A – Net Banking

10 New link opens to respective Bank website

11 Payment Confirmation

12 Transaction Confirmed Page

13 Payment completed through Net Banking Account Authentication of payment done at the time of Tender Opening

14 Select Payment Option Option B - through Credit Card / Debit Card

15 Select the Bank for Credit Card ePayment

16 Select the Card

17 Enter Card Details.

18 Click Confirm Button for Approval

19 Finally Transaction Number for the Payment Done

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