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Healthy, active lifestyle

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1 Healthy, active lifestyle
Benefits and reasons for taking part Influences on taking part Opportunities for getting involved Sports Participation pyramid

2 Healthy, Active Lifestyle
“A lifestyle that contributes positively to physical, mental and social well being, and includes regular exercise and physical activity.” 2

3 An overview of the reasons for taking part in physical activity...

4 Reasons for taking part in activity
Participation in physical activity can stimulate: Cooperation (working with others) Competition (experience winning & losing) A physical challenge (e.g. The marathon) Aesthetic appreciation (the beauty of a performance) The development of friendships & social mixing. 4

5 The reasons for taking part in physical activity categorised into PHYSICAL, MENTAL & SOCIAL benefits... 5

6 Reasons for taking part in activity
Benefit How achieved Weight loss / improved body shape / look good PHYSICAL Burning off calories through increased level of work Provide a physical challenge Might not do anything physically normally, gives a chance to do so. Improved health and fitness Reduced blood pressure / cholesterol / equiv 6

7 Reasons for taking part in activity
Benefit How achieved Social mixing & make new friends. SOCIAL Will meet others Develop teamwork and co-operation skills Play with others / equiv. Fun / enjoyment of life MENTAL Interacting with others and enjoys the sport 7

8 Reasons for taking part in activity
Benefit How achieved Improved confidence MENTAL Improved physical shape increases self image / being good at something Relives stress / tension Takes mind off other things & opportunity to relax 8

9 Main benefits of taking part in physical activity
To increase fitness To help the individual feel good To relieve stress & tension To increase self-esteem & confidence To improve health For enjoyment For a mental challenge 9

10 Influences on taking part
WHY People: family, peers and role models Take part in same activities as our parents, support from our peers & inspired by successful sports men and women. Image: fashion and media coverage Sports equipment can be ‘fashionable’ & the media increases popularity of many sport. 10

11 Influences on taking part
WHY Culture: age, disability, gender and race Disability: more opportunities for disabled sport now. Age: good to start young, some restrictions when older; work/family. Gender: some activities offer more opportunity to males or females. Race: choice of activity influenced by ethnic background. 11

12 Influences on taking part
WHY Resources: Availability, location, access, time Need suitable facilities to take part & local access; some areas may not have facilities or easy access e.g. by car/bus or have good parking. Time: facilities open at convenient time e.g. weekends, evenings. 12

13 Influences on taking part
WHY Socio-economic: cost, status. Able to afford: hire of facilities, lessons, equipment to buy. Status in society; employed, in education = lack of time. Health/Wellbeing: Illness & health problems e.g. asthma suffers limited by difficulty running. 13

14 Opportunities for getting involved
Initiative How it keeps people involved in sport 1. Government Initiatives All pupils must complete 2 hours of PE per week; encourages participation & improves fitness. 2. PESSCL Aimed at 5-15 year olds; Sport England, YST & Step into Sport are all important links for young people to take part in sport (as performers/leaders/officials) 3. The organisation Sport England Creates opportunities for people to start, stay & succeed in sport. 14

15 Opportunities for getting involved
Initiative How it keeps people involved in sport 4. The Youth Sport Trust TOP Link Aimed at year olds. Pupils to organise and manage sports activities/festivals in local schools. 5. Active Kids Programme Supermarkets run voucher programmes in which vouchers collected can be used by schools to buy sporting and other equipment. (E.g. Active Kids Programme). 15

16 Sports participation pyramid
Excellence Performance Participation Foundation Peak of the pyramid with fewer people at this level Base of the pyramid with many participants 16

17 Sports participation pyramid
EXCELLENCE: Individuals reach sporting excellence. Narrow at the top of the pyramid (fewer people). Governing bodies of sport are responsible for development. PERFORMANCE: Individuals concentrate on specific skills to develop talent. Quality coaching is essential. PARTICIPATION: Individuals begin to participate regularly. The TOP programme is important for development; school coaching, club/school link. FOUNDATION: Individuals learn basic sporting skills. Primary school PE lessons, TOP Play activities. 17

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