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Living Nature An Installation Unit. Art Process Self - Management.

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1 Living Nature An Installation Unit

2 Art Process

3 Self - Management

4 Mural: ‘2013 – Living Nature’ Title Page: Make a title page on the supplied task sheet template (Yr 10 start up task - Flow Chart – plotting process used in doing unit of work Planning Chart with key used from Flow Chart – Planning for duration of unit, how long to spend on each process

5 Research: - cultures,nature interests: Mäori, Pacific and Asian, Celtic. Class brainstorm/dump sheet. Research imagery to support brainstorm/theme, ation in computer- room HW find resources for above

6 Analysis: of Artists from OTHC trust collection:narrative/installation works: use task sheets Artist models: Richard Killeen, John Pule art works: Composition, Colour, key ideas, patterns used and how used, marks, tone, texture

7 Colour & paint Create 3 colour wheels, primary, secondary tertiary colour. This will help students mix paint and apply with discernment Work on the supplied tints and shades grid Draw one of your favourite shapes onto grid. Paint tints and shades within this shape.

8 Concepts: - group brainstorm of installation ideas, assign a page to small groups, reference ideas from Artist research - Make 4 composition ideas on an A3 page. Explore use of line to create textures and patterns as seen in artist’s works studied

9 Developments: (On Card to Scale) - Discuss, improve best ideas, make colour plan using 3-4 colours. ( for learning about colour, using paint and tone)

10 Finals - Transfer image to Ply. Paint with white. Work over line work in ink. Allow to dry then work over in colour tone, media

11 Our project is a mural installation which is based on ‘Living Nature’ (and identity), Shape & Colour

12 NZ born Samoan Artist, Michel Tuffrey uses lizards in his work combining it with symbols of his culture


14 Designers often stylise real creatures to make them look fantastical ’

15 Artist Study Richard Killeen : Installation Richard Killeen is an artist who uses a range of different shapes which he combines together to form ‘modular installation’ works. He likes to research and puts his collections together in creative combinations He also like to work inside shapes




19 Student example

20 The end

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