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MELISSA ROWSE (570) 326-0536 North Central Library District.

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1 MELISSA ROWSE MROWSE@JVBROWN.EDU (570) 326-0536 North Central Library District

2 Libraries Then Quiet Books Information

3 Libraries Now Loud Circulate everything Collaboration, Interaction Technology Focus


5 Problem: Lack of Basic Literacy 13% of Pennsylvanians lack basic reading skills to read a newspaper. 85% of all juveniles interfacing with the court system are functionally illiterate. More than 75% of jobs in PA demand education beyond high school. Yet, nearly 17,000 PA youth (16-24) dropped out last year!

6 Basic Literacy Solutions at Your Library Quality baby, toddler, and preschool programming, which meets PA Dept of Education Learning Standards Summer Reading Program to counteract the “Summer Slide” Adult literacy: test materials, classes, tutoring, basic skill instruction

7 Problem: Lack of Information Literacy PA is ranked 29 th in the nation for high-speed internet connection (60%). Nearly 75% of job seekers now use the internet to seek employment – in part because it is the only way to apply. 22% of all students believe 80-100% of what they read and see on the internet is true.

8 Information Literacy Solutions at Your Library Qualified staff to help find reliable resources Free computer access, instruction, and WiFi POWER Library databases and other subscriptions

9 Problem: Lack of Social/Civic Literacy Only 42% of the state’s registered voters voted in 2010 gubernatorial election. Less than 50% of Americans can name all 3 branches of government. Only 24% of college graduates and 27% of all Americans know the First Amendment prohibits establishing of an official religion.

10 Social/Civic Literacy Solutions at Your Library Community Meeting Space for educational and community gatherings. Non-partisan voting information. Strong collection of materials that reflect contemporary issues.

11 Problem: Lack of Health Literacy 46% of American adults have difficulty understanding their prescription medicine label. Nothing - not age, income, employment status, education level, or racial or ethnic background - affects health status more than literacy skills. Only 1 in 5 links on search engines lead to relevant health information.

12 Health Literacy Solutions at Your Library Interactive programming: Wii Fit, Yoga, Nutrition, & Stress Partnerships with local organizations to provide health screenings. Access to current reliable health information.

13 Problem: Lack of Financial Literacy 41% of adults give themselves a grade of a C, D, or F on their personal knowledge of finance. 1 in 4 adults does not pay bills on time. 1 in 3 has no savings for retirement or other future needs. Demand for highly skilled, educated workforce has never been greater. 38% of adults said their reading level limited their job prospects.

14 Financial Literacy Solutions at Your Library Budgeting, retirement, and personal finance seminars offered by CPAs or other professionals. College financial aid forms. Career and workforce development resources (onsite and online).


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