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Update on the New CNS/ATM Systems Development Project

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1 Update on the New CNS/ATM Systems Development Project
Andrew B. BASALLOTE, EE/MsCNS Asst. Director General Air Navigation Service Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines 15th Meeting of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) Implementation Team (GIT/15) Brisbane, Australia June 2011

2 New CNS/ATM Systems Development Project
Project Objective: to develop a dynamic & integrated CNS/ATM systems, using satellite technology, to enhance safety, reliability & efficiency of air traffic & airspace Project Description: The project covers the establishment of priority elements of the new satellite-based CNS/ATM systems at selected airports/sites nationwide to provide: Solutions to the shortcomings of the current CNS systems including: Radio coverage limitations Accuracy and reliability of the system Difficulties in wide area deployment of system facilities Limitations of voice communications Advanced Air Traffic Management (ATM) system that enables flexible air route selection in response to changes in weather and/or traffic conditions airport/airspace capacity Efficient and reliable data link communication systems to solve the inadequacy of existing voice communications resulting in reduction of workloads of ATC and pilots

3 Procurement Work Packages
Automation System Package-2 Communications/Surveillance Sensors Items in the Package ATM Center Building ATM System VSCS AIS System AMHS/ATN GSMS MET System En-route SSR Terminal Radar ADS-B Ground Station VHF Radio Microwave Link VSAT Construction Period 30 Months December June 2013 24 Months June May 2013

4 ATM System ATM Center Building
New Manila ATM Center Building Plant Building (Redundant UPS’s, Redundant Generators) ATM System covering the whole Manila FIR (34 ATC Workstations) Air Traffic Flow Management (ATFM) Air Space Management (ASM) Integration of ACC and 6 Radar Control Approaches Tower Workstations in the major airports(10) AIS Servers (Manila, Mactan) (2) AIS Workstations in the remote sites(63) VSCS (1) MET System (1) AWOS in the major airports (8) ATM Center Building

5 Air traffic management
Laoag San Fernando Basco Tuguegarao Clark Baguio Subic Cauayan NAIA Manila ATM Center Plaridel ATM Workstation (36) Naga San Jose AIS Workstation (63) Caticlan Legaspi Busuanga AIS Server (2) Kalibo Roxas Tacloban TWR Workstation (10) Bacolod Iloilo Tagbilaran Mactan Puerto Princesa Dumaguete Butuan Zamboanga Cagayan de Oro Dipolog Davao General Santos Jolo Cotabato

6 CommunicationS Laoag RCAG/SSR Laoag Basco Aparri RCAG/SSR San Fernando
Clark Tuguegarao Baguio Subic Cauayan Manila (NAIA / ATM Center / AFC/ HQ) Plaridel Tagaytay RCAG / SSR VSCS Naga San Jose VSAT Hub Station (2) Caticlan Busuanga Legaspi Kalibo Radar VSAT Remote Station (40) Kalibo Roxas Tacloban AMHS Server (2) Iloilo Bacolod Mt. Majic RCAG/SSR AMHS Workstation (47) Puerto Princesa Mactan (Tower/AFC/Radar) Dumaguete En-route VHF (26) Palawan RCAG/SSR Tagbilaran Butuan Zamboanga Terminal VHF (32) Cagayan de Oro Zamboanga RCAG/SSR ATIS VHF (8) Davao Basilan Jolo Cotabato Davao RCAG/Radar Microwave Link (20) Dipolog General Santos

7 NAVIGAtioN Manila (ATM Center)
Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) Signal Monitoring System

8 SURVEILLANCE Pasuquin Aparri Clark Tagaytay NAIA 1 NAIA 2 ATM Center
Quezon, Palawan Mt. Majic Zamboanga Tagaytay Clark NAIA 1 ASR/SSR (5) En-route SSR (5) ADS-B (2) Existing Radar (3) Davao Kalibo Mactan Bacolod NAIA 2 Puerto Princesa ATM Center

9 Existing En-route Radar Coverage New En-route Radar Coverage
Laoag Tagaytay Mt.Majic Aparri Mt. Majic Palawan Zamboanga Davao Existing En-route Radar Coverage New En-route Radar Coverage

10 MET Clark NAIA Manila (ATM Center) Caticlan Bacolod Kalibo Iloilo
Mactan WAFS RX MTSAT RX Davao AWOS (8) MET Database

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