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Start the Vocabulary Sheet

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1 Start the Vocabulary Sheet

2 ? ? ? ? ? ? + ? + ? ? + ? ? + ? ? ? sprawled approached tense pouted
command ? ? + ? ? murmur ?

3 Reading Goal: Theme Today we will begin reading Number the Stars by Lois Lowry. As we read, we will identify the theme of the story. Good readers identify the theme to better understand the big ideas that the author wants to teach.

4 Team Cooperation Goal Finish Tasks

5 Vocabulary Practice Sprawled approached tense Pouted command murmur
Abby like to listen to her twin sister ________ in her sleep Darell ______ after Leo beat him to the ice cream truck. The substitute teacher had difficulty trying to _______ the out of control class.

6 Number the Stars by Lois Lowry

7 Let’s complete our Story Map
In teams, complete the rest of the story map Ensure that your you have completed the problem of the story. After you have finished reading and taking the story test, fill in the rest of your story map.

8 Theme: Making the best out of a bad situation.
Number the Stars Denmark, in an apartment Lois Lowry Mama, Kirsti, Annemarie, and Ellen WWII is happening. WWII is happening. Supplies are scarce. Mother went to get Kristi some fish shoes that she hated! They sat and played imaginary games about being in Tivoli. The familiy hears about the destruction of the Danish navy. They thought it was fireworks. The next day Annemarie sees the Rosen family leaving. The Rosen’s fled, leaving Ellen behind because of fear of what the ‘relocation’ camps meant to them. The Johansen’s decided to make the best of a bad situation by taking Ellen in as their daughter. Everyone was scared because they were hiding from the German soldiers. Ellen and Annemarie made a game out of it! They talked about how he sister died.

9 For your test today… Today you will find out what happens after the German soldiers enter the Johansen’s apartment.

10 Test Read pages 150-153 in Number the Stars Do questions 1-6
Pay close attention to ensuring that you have answered all parts of the question Complete all sections of the vocabulary test

11 Team Discussion Discuss the answers to the test questions

12 Class Discussion Let’s discuss the answers

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