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2 October 22 – November 6, 2009 MIAMI DADE COLLEGE 2010 BENEFITS OPEN ENROLLMENT

3 2 What is open enrollment?  New benefit elections are effective from January 1st through December 31, 2010 Add or Change your benefits: Health Dental Term Life Flexible benefits (yearly renewal) Disability Group Legal Long Term Care Sick Leave Pool Metro Rail Tax Shelter Annuity

4 3 ENROLLMENT  Changes outside the plan year are not allowed unless you experience a qualifying change in family status such as: Marriage, divorce, legal separation, or termination of domestic partnership* Birth or Adoption of a child* Death of a spouse, domestic partner or child* Your spouse gaining or losing access to health coverage* Change in dependent eligibility* Significant changes in your spouse’s health coverage due to his/her employment* *(Enrollment forms with required proof must be submitted to HR within 31 days of qualifying event date) ENROLLMENT

5 4 Aetna Healthcare √ Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) √ Point of Service (POS) There are several benefit changes that will take effect January 1, 2010. Those changes are documented in the next few slides Health Care Coverage

6 5 AETNA HMO & POS For additional information, please visit Open access No referrals needed Extensive Network Vision: In network only Prescriptions: $10/$35/$60

7 6 HMO In network coverage only $25 PCP/ $45 Specialist POS In & out of network coverage $30 PCP/ $50 Specialist Deductible for out of network  $1,000 single  $2,000 family AETNA HMO & POS COMPARISON / DIFFERENCES

8 7 Health Care Rates - AETNA HMO Coverage Premium Employer Contribution Employee Contribution (Month) *Employee Contribution (Pay Period) Employee $583.88 $0.00 Employee & Spouse $1,081.91$ 583.88$498.03$249.02 Employee & Child(ren) $1,006.63$ 583.88$422.75$211.38 Employee Spouse & Child(ren) $1,244.06$ 583.88$660.18$330.09 DUAL $1,167.76 $76.30$38.15 POS Coverage Employee $837.17$ 583.88$253.29$126.65 Employee & Spouse $1,552.42$ 583.88$968.54$484.27 Employee & Child(ren) $1,444.30$ 583.88$860.42$430.21 Employee Spouse & Child(ren) $1,785.30$ 583.88$1,201.42$600.71 Dual $1,167.76 $617.54$388.77

9 8 Humana  Dental Health Maintenance Organization (DHMO)  Dental Preferred Provider Organization (DPPO) Current dental coverage with Cigna will not be implemented for Humana. You must elect a plan during open enrollment. Dental Coverage

10 9 Humana Dental Coverage – DHMO No deductibles Co-payments apply Coverage of most preventive services Dentist assigned Referrals required

11 10 Humana Dental Coverage – DPPO No referrals needed In and out of network coverage Deductibles: $ 50 single $150 family $1,500 benefit maximum per calendar year/ per person

12 11 Dental Care Rates - Humana * Paid on a pre-tax basis. DHMOMonthly Per Pay PeriodRETIREE Employee$14.410.00$14.41 Family$16.36$8.18$30.77 DUAL$1.95$0.97 DPPOMonthlyMDC Pays Difference Per Pay Period*RETIREE Employee$32.22$14.41$17.81$8.91$32.22 Family$68.48 $34.24$68.48 DUAL$54.07 $27.04

13 12 Term Life Insurance LINCOLN FINANCIAL College portion :  Face value : 1x base salary  AD &D : 2 x base salary  Employee must name beneficiary Employee Optional:  Face Value: additional 1x base salary  AD & D: additional 2 x base salary Premiums are based on age rate schedule Age reduction applies starting at age 60 Underwriting required, coverage effective upon approval

14 13 Dependent Life Insurance LINCOLN FINANCIAL Face Value: –Spouse $15,000 up to age 65 –Dependent: $7,500, 6 months to age 25 or married $500, 14 days-6 months Rate: $3.50 per month /$1.75 per check Voluntary program

15 14 Disability Insurance - ASSURANT Income protection program Employee elects monthly benefit amount No underwriting required 6 plans offered –Elimination period: 14, 30 or 60 days –Benefit duration: up to 5 years or retirement age Election maximum, 66 2/3 of salary Voluntary program

16 15 Health & Dependent Care Reimbursement Accounts (AMERIFLEX) Employee elects pre-tax amount for health care (not covered by insurance) and dependent care expenses Healthcare amount can be used up front Amount divided in 24 deductions Expenses incurred 1/1/09 – 3/15/10 Maximum contribution: $5,000/year Renewal every year Use it or lose it benefit

17 16 Examples of reimbursable items: HEALTH SERVICES: Ambulance Chiropractic Emergency Room Eye exam/eye glasses Hospital admission Injections and Insulin treatments Pre-natal and post-natal treatments Physician / Specialist co-pays Psychotherapy Sterilization Urgent Care Vasectomy X-ray treatments Health & Dependent Care Reimbursement Accounts (AMERIFLEX)– cont’d Drugs including Over the Counter (OTC) medications Contact lenses Blood tests Cardiographs Metabolism tests Vaccines X-ray examinations DENTAL SERVICES Cleaning of teeth, Dental x-rays, Filling of teeth Extraction of teeth, gum treatments Oral surgery

18 17 Group Legal Insurance - ARAG Access to attorneys and/or preventive legal care Monthly Rates:  $16.30 single  $21.03 family Premiums paid one month in advance Voluntary coverage

19 18 Long Term Care Insurance -CNA Covers benefit for:  Home care  Assisted living  And nursing home care May cover:  Employee  Dependents  Parents and parents-in-law  Grandparents Premiums determined based on benefit selected

20 19 Metro/Tri-Rail Pass Discounted rate through payroll deductions Paid one month in advance Paid with pre-tax dollars (changes can only be made during open enrollment) Tri-rail available at a 25% discount rate

21 20 Tax Shelter Annuity (TSA) / 403(b) Defer taxes of income up to $16,500 in 2010 Additional $5,500 for employees over 50 Changes are permitted every quarter Semi-monthly deductions Consult with financial advisor for special 15 year service catch up provision eligibility Voluntary benefit Employee must submit form to take advantage of new limits

22 Benefit: 30 sick days available Must exhaust all paid leave time Must provide proof of illness Eligibility: 1 year of full time continuous employment Available balance : 10 sick days (by 10/31/09) Donation upon entry : 5 sick days Participating members : 1 sick day donation 21 SICK LEAVE POOL

23 22 For Questions: “Get Help” “AskHR” Benefits Website: Benefits contact: EMAIL: Phone: (305) 237-2010 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION START YOUR OPEN ENROLLMENT ELECTION HERE! Click on this link: http://benefitsenrollment.mdc.edu


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