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Mags Hutchinson HND International Articulation Manager

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1 Mags Hutchinson HND International Articulation Manager
International Progression Pathways The Scottish Model: Diploma To Degree

2 Scottish Qualifications Authority
Who we are and what we do SQA HND qualification SQA HND and our international markets SQA Progression Partners The next steps

3 Who We Are and What We Do

4 Who we are We’re ambitious for people and governments. We provide opportunities for lifelong learning across all types and levels of qualifications. Trusted Our dedication and accountability makes us reliable; individually and collectively we deliver. Enabling We support our customers to reach their goals by understanding how we can help. Progressive We are aspirational for ourselves and all our customers. SQA is Trusted We have been around for decades and have a wealth of experience and knowledge. Because of their dedication and accountability, SQA staff are reliable: individually and collectively we deliver. We aim to exceed customer expectations; in fact we aim to delight our customers. Our approach to business is to be ‘responsibly commercial’: we make decisions in the best interests of Scotland not shareholders. SQA is Enabling We focus on getting things right, not on stopping things from going wrong. We realise the potential of our customers and consumers and we are aware of how we can help. We work on solutions and value actions above intentions. Our aim is to cultivate better and better relationships with our customers — ultimately embedding ourselves in their processes and being integral to their success. We expect everyone to be an ambassador for the SQA brand. SQA is Progressive We are aspirational for ourselves and our customers. We give ourselves the permission to be innovative with what we do and how we do it. We are committed to improving what we do, including making disruptive and transformational change to our core business. We are collaborative, meaning we work closely with our colleagues and with our customers. This approach allows us to take informed risks; we won’t always play it safe.

5 SQA International accreditation and awarding body We work in Scotland, the UK and internationally Established by an Act of Parliament and work closely with Scottish government Over 100 years’ experience Until their merger in 1997, the two major Scottish examination authorities were the SEB (Scottish Examination Board) and the Scottish Vocational Education Council (SCOTVEC). The SQA's functions and responsibilities are laid out in the Education (Scotland) Act 1996 as amended by the Scottish Qualifications Act 2002.

6 What we do Accredit, assess and award qualifications
Devise and develop qualifications and assessments Provide qualifications to support all learners Approve and quality assure centres to deliver SQA qualifications Certificate qualifications Provide consultancy services Deliver contract services Centre definition – secondary schools, colleges, training providers and employers (private and public sector) who are approved to deliver SQA qualifications

7 Accreditation and Awarding
Two functions from one organisation means education system is simpler and benefits learners. Accreditation: making sure qualifications, and the organisations who deliver them, meet national standards Awarding: more than just printing certificates – designing qualifications, assessments and maintaining national standards The Scottish Qualifications Authority has two distinct parts, SQA Accreditation and SQA Awarding Body. Operating separately from the awarding body, SQA Accreditation quality assures qualifications offered in Scotland by approving awarding bodies and accrediting their qualifications. We do this by checking awarding bodies and their qualifications against published regulatory principles and accreditation criteria. SQA Awarding – will be the focus of this presentation

8 SQA Awarding Large comprehensive portfolio of qualifications
All levels – beginners to post degree level Academic, vocational and work-based competency learning Progression to work and further study Aligned to national and international frameworks – ensuring international mobility

9 Our Markets National Awarding Body in Scotland Work across the UK
Work Internationally Schools, Colleges, Employers, Training Providers and Government Departments UK work includes England, Wales, Northern Ireland and ROI China and ASEAN Current countries; China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar, Indonesia Future countries; Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia Middle East, Europe and Africa: Current countries Latvia, Holland, UAE, Oman, Qatar, Greece, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Bahrain, Egypt, Turkey Future countries: Lithuania, Ghana, Kuwait, Romania South Asia: Current countries: Grand Cayman, Mauritius, Nepal, Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan Russia, Barbados, Dominican Republic, Bhutan, Maldives Americas: USA Future Countries: Brazil

10 Qualification Frameworks
Our qualifications are aligned to national and international frameworks: Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF) Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF) European Qualifications Framework (EQF) This allows comparisons to be made between qualifications on different frameworks. Qualifications can cross boundaries leaflet – SCQF publication On SQA website: SCQF - QCF - EQF - There are also frameworks specific to Wales and Northern Ireland (see Qualifications Cross Boundaries SCQF leaflet)


12 SQA HND Qualification

13 Developing Higher National Diplomas (HND)
We develop HND qualifications in partnership with colleges, universities, industry and professional bodies We embed industry standards where appropriate We create qualifications and assessments that are relevant to users

14 Higher National Diploma (HND)
Short cycle higher education qualification SCQF Level 8 Knowledge and skills Graded Unit integration and application Internationally recognised Prepares students for employment and enables advanced entry to a University Degree programme Can be delivered flexibly Designed in partnership with colleges, universities and employers based on National Occupational Standards

15 SQA Quality Assurance We pride ourselves on the rigour of quality assurance (QA) models we use in our organisation and with our customers SQA qualifications can be trusted wherever and however they are delivered

16 SQA HND Quality Assurance
Approval must be sought and granted before our customers can deliver SQA qualifications Systems – ensuring a centre has the management and quality assurance systems to support the assessment of SQA qualifications Qualifications – ensuring a centre has the right resources to deliver and assess SQA qualifications

17 SQA HND Quality Assurance
Internally assessed, internally verified and externally verified by SQA Certification is dependent on successful verification

18 SQA HND and our International Markets

19 China 2003-present Invited to work with Chinese government
28 Chinese Universities offer the HND across 15 subjects Over 30,000 students recruited 3 year programme 60% of HND graduates have pursued a Degree overseas across 15 countries Over 80% of HND graduates obtained a University Degree By May Chinese Universities offer the HND programmes in 15 different subjects across Business/Computer Science/Tourism/Hospitality/Logistics/Engineering By May 2013 over 30,000 students have been recruited Year 1 = international foundation course and English language Year 2 + Year 3 = HND subjects The countries ranging from UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Netherlands, Malaysia, Singapore, Ireland, France, Russia, Belgium, Korea 83.8% of HND graduates obtained a University Degree, 59.3% obtained a Batchelor’s Degree, 23.9% graduated with a Masters, 7 graduates obtained a Doctors Degree

20 China HND to Overseas Degree
Student satisfaction International vision Increase in self confidence Communication skills English language Networking with other students Changed ways of thinking

21 China HND to Overseas Degree
Parent satisfaction Opportunities for articulation to overseas Universities Cost effective Eases concerns about studying abroad Helps adapt to an overseas destination Improved skills Overall parents think the HND programme is a good pathway for international education Taking into account tuition fees and living costs Total cost for full overseas Degree programme overseas (600,000 – 800,000RMB) HND + 2 year top up (approx 590,000RMB) 1 year prep programme for study abroad + 3 – 4 year Degree (700,000 – 900,000RMB

22 SQA’s International Footprint
Aligning with Scottish Government’s strategy International market in higher education is continuing to grow Dedicated International Business Development Team covering the globe Working with ‘in country’ consultants with specialist knowledge to maximise growth Martin Chisholm EMEA Margaret Curran South Asia Mark Hill Americas Eunice McAllister ASEAN & China Scottish Government vision is to position Scotland as a world leader in international education – international outlook is embedded as a core value Highest growth in the 5 main English speaking destination countries – UK, Canada, USA, Australia and New Zealand 4 dedicated Regional Managers with designated territories which covers the globe Where appropriate work with ‘in country’ consultants

23 SQA’s International Footprint
Seeing growth in HNDs in the Middle East, Oman, Bahrain, Myanmar, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh HND delivering centres looking for articulation pathways to overseas Universities Takes time and patience Quality v Quantity

24 SQA Progression Partners

25 Diploma To Degree Market for HND in other international regions is growing Increasing demand for local and international articulation Dedicated International Articulation Team Mags Hutchinson & Karen MacGregor HND International Articulation Managers

26 Benefits of becoming an SQA Progression Partner
The learner is at the centre of international articulation Direct relationship with SQA Promotion of your Institution in our international markets via a range of channels Visibility on our Diploma To Degree webpage Increasing the number of international applications to your Institution Joint marketing opportunities Sharing best practice Other opportunities

27 SQA Progression Partners

28 Mags Hutchinson HND International Articulation Manager
The Next Steps…… Mags Hutchinson HND International Articulation Manager Tel: +44 (0) SQA website — Twitter

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