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1 Partnership in Allied Health Nini Cardoza Terri Maddux Sierra College.

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1 1 Partnership in Allied Health Nini Cardoza Terri Maddux Sierra College

2 2 Current Issues Impacting Community Colleges Under-prepared students Unrealistic student expectations Intensity, difficulty of program Time commitment High attrition, course repetition ½ of CC students drop out of college in first year (Braxton/Tinto)

3 3 Concerns of Society and Nursing Schools Shortfall of 12,000 nurses in 7 years, 100,000 nurses by 2030 ¼ of nursing students fail to graduate; only ½ graduate in 2 years Legislative analyst: “Nursing is a very intense program and some students find that they are not sufficiently prepared.” (Sac Bee)

4 4 State Legislature to Make New Demands AB 1559 Move away from lottery Recommendation for merit based application Rigorous standards & stricter criteria for admission Higher academic standards Second language Professional experience Passed by California Assembly Passed by Committee in Senate (Summer ’07)

5 5 What is Partnership in Allied Health (PIA)? Multidimensional learning community Cohort of nursing/allied health students Continuous 6-semester program Linked interdisciplinary classes Relevant, thematic content throughout

6 6 Outcomes of PIA Provide a coherent educational experience Offer a summer bridge program Design an academic plan that ensures students are prepared for college level courses Facilitate learning and understanding through linked courses that integrate content Create a supportive learning environment Improve retention, persistence, academic performance

7 7 Outcomes Related to Faculty Promote community among faculty through collaborative planning and collegial dialogue Encourage classroom innovation and learner- centered instruction Renew faculty enthusiasm and satisfaction for teaching

8 8 Organization & Structure Six semester integrated program Summer bridge program Full time students Classes four days per week One science per semester Academic plan Rationale Realistic time line Faculty input

9 9 Benefits to students Supportive community environment Committed, involved instructors Network beyond the classroom Support services Tutoring, writing center Peer mentors Designated counselor Transition summer bridge program Solid foundation increases continued success

10 10 Assessment Pre-semester survey Demographics, attitudes, skills, self-confidence Midterm progress report and counseling End of semester student self evaluation Annual student and faculty survey Exit survey

11 11 Data Analysis Student and faculty satisfaction Retention Persistence Grade point average Acceptance into nursing program

12 12 Learning: A shared experience “ The greater the extent of integration into social communities, the more likely to persist in college ” (Braxton)

13 13 References Braxton, J. M., Milen, J. F. & Sullivan, A. S. (2000). The influence of active learning on the college student departure process. Journal of Higher Education, 71 (5), 569-590. Hecht, P. (2007, May 30). Nursing shortage nears, analyst says. The Sacramento Bee, pp. A1, A4. Schultz, E. J. (2007, June 4). Bill targets lottery in nursing school admissions. The Sacramento Bee, pp. A1, A4. Tinto, V. (1997). Classrooms as communities: Exploring the educational character of student persistence. Journal of Higher Education, 68 (6), 599-623.

14 14 Questions? Contact information: Nini Cardoza Email: Office: (916) 789-2729

15 15 Summer Bridge Program Transition to a college environment Community building Campus orientation Realistic expectations Future transfer requirements Panel of students, panel of faculty Academic preparation workshops Success strategies

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