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Wallace Roberts & Todd, LLC Destination Erie: A Regional Vision Work Group Meeting.

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1 Wallace Roberts & Todd, LLC Destination Erie: A Regional Vision Work Group Meeting

2 Today’s Agenda Where are we in the Planning Process? (15 mins) Existing Conditions / Summary of Key Issues (30 mins) “Game-Stoppers” (15 mins) Next Steps (25 mins) April 24 th : Consortium Leadership Meeting Public Work Shops: May 7 th & 8 th MetroQuest Video Demo

3 Phase 1: Initiation and Regional Assessment Where are we now? Public Participation Plan Public Launch / Stakeholder Interviews Project Website Existing Conditions & Trends Report Mar 2012 – Dec 2012Sep 2012 – Oct 2013 Overall Schedule Phase 2: Vision, Scenarios, & Strategy Development What do we want to be? Public Workshop #1 Trend and Alternative Scenarios Public Workshop #2 Regional Vision Statement Preferred Future Direction CAPACITY BUILDING COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT Nov 2013 – Feb 2015 Phase 3: Vision & Action Plan How do we get there? Public Workshop #3 Plan Framework & Strategies Draft Plan Development Public Workshop #4 Final Plan Planning Process

4 Where are we in Phase 2? Vision Themes Trend Scenario, 3 Alternatives, Indicators Select a Preferred Scenario Full Vision Statement Plan, Actions, Programs Public Engagement / Planning Implementation

5 Wallace Roberts & Todd, LLC Existing Conditions & Key Issues

6 The Region’s Report Card

7 Summary of Key Issues 1.High Poverty Rates and Concentrations of Poverty 2.Manufacturing Decline, Ongoing Economic Transformation 3.Mismatch between Available Jobs and Skills of Workforce 4.Lack of Regional Coordination 5.Inequality between Public Schools (e.g., reputation / test scores) 6.Suburbanization / Population Loss in Cities and Boroughs 7.Aging Housing Stock/Neighborhood Blight 8.Disparities in Access to Opportunity for Minority Communities 9.Distance between Population Centers and Jobs 10.Other Ideas Intractable Problems: 54% 51% 39% 29% 24% 18% 14% 7% 4%

8 Current Development Pattern

9 Trend Scenario + 88,077 acres

10 If things remain the same, how will Erie County develop in 2040? Trend Scenario 1,063 residents and 13.5 sq miles of new developed area (1980 – 2000) Little population and employment growth projected Continued population loss in urban areas Additional pockets of blight and disinvestment Housing Blight – Disinvestment (RDA) Typical Low Density Development

11 Trend Scenario Increase in developed land of 88,077 acres For every $1 in tax revenue from a new residence, $1.15 will generally be spent on services. (Penn State Cost of Community Services study) More commuting time / costs and greater air pollution Loss of open space benefits - $150 million a year in air pollution removal, flood control, water quality protection, etc. (LERC Study) If things remain the same, how will Erie County develop in 2040?

12 Revised Vision Themes

13 Wallace Roberts & Todd, LLC “Game-Stoppers” & Discussion

14 Definition – A condition that is fundamentally holding the region back from addressing key problems and achieving the future vision. Lack of a Core Economic Strategy Political / Jurisdictional Fragmentation / Lack of Leadership Unsustainable Land Use Pattern Others ? Potential Game-stoppers

15 Wallace Roberts & Todd, LLC Next Steps

16 Tuesday May 7, 2013 Girard 9:00am ‐ 11:00am St. John’s Parish Center (not the church but the parish center) 1001 Main Street E. Girard, PA 16417 Wednesday May 8, 2013 Lawrence Park 9:00am ‐ 11:00am Fairfield Social Hall 4896 East Lake Road Erie, PA 16511 Waterford 7:00pm – 9:00pm Fort LeBoeuf High School 931 N. High Street Waterford, PA 16441 Erie City 7:00pm – 9:00pm Avalon Hotel ‐ Niagara Room 16 West 10 th Street Erie, PA 16501 May 7 th & 8 th Workshops

17 MetroQuest Demo METROQUEST LINK MetroQuest digital engagement software is powerful, flexible and cost-effective tool that makes it easy to generate meaningful input on community preferences, plans and much more. Whether you need public engagement online, at a workshop, or on the fly with kiosks or iPads, MetroQuest is ready to go in three easy steps: simply brand it, customize it and launch!

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