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Rural Settlement Patterns.

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1 Rural Settlement Patterns

2 Where is this? Ontario

3 Where is this? Southern Quebec

4 Where is this? Southern Prairies

5 Rural Settlement Patterns
Canada’s population is NOT evenly distributed throughout the country Settlement in Canada can be divided into 2 major categories: Urban Rural -settlement that occurs outside cities and towns Rural settlement is characterized by: Low population density dispersed population distribution The pattern of settlement is affected by 3 key factors: Kind of resources found in the area Transportation methods available at time of settlement Role played by governmental policy

6 the LONG LOTS of southern Quebec
The combination of the these three factors have lead to three distinct settlement patterns in Canada: the LONG LOTS of southern Quebec The CONCESSION SYSTEM of southern Ontario The SECTION SYSTEM of the Prairies

7 Long Lots of Southern Quebec
Developed along waterways Settled before survey system implemented Long, thin farms Heritage Law – owners had to divide land amongst offspring

8 Advantages and Disadvantages
Pros Excellent soil conditions Access to river ways Narrow – lower taxes Close to neighbours Cons Narrow lots hard to work Land became small and unworkable when divided amongst offspring

9 Concession System in Ontario
Occurred after survey system was in place Based on road and railways – no longer dependent on water Concession Roads are parallel to waterway, and side roads are perpendicular

10 Advantages and Disadvantages
Pros Excellent soil for agriculture Access to roadways Easier access to land Cons Further from neighbours

11 Section System in Southern Prairies
Land was surveyed before settlement occurred Land divided into 36 sections and each section divided into 4 quadrants A family would get one quadrant – approx. 64ha in size

12 Advantages and Disadvantages
Pros Land was well suited for modern farm machinery Cons Soil was less fertile - needed larger farms Resulted in farm consolidation Some distance between neighbours

13 Scattered Settlement Settlement within other areas of Canada based on two main reasons. Resource-Based Settlement settlement a result of a product or resources these included fishing, forestry, mining, and recreation Occurred in Atlantic Maritimes, Boreal Shield, Boreal Plain, Montane Cordillera, Pacific Maritimes

14 2. Service-Based Settlement
Often based on transportation Provides a variety of services which are needed by people in lightly populated areas These may included gas stations, motels, post offices, restaurants

15 Issues with Rural Areas Today
Movement towards urbanization Movement to commercial farming Technology is advancing farming practices Fewer services provided within rural regions Increased costs for goods and services Less rural areas as a result of urbanization

16 Exit Card Would you like to live in a rural area or small town? Explain

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