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Landing a Job Evelyn Zilch Director of Personnel / Human Resources.

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1 Landing a Job Evelyn Zilch Director of Personnel / Human Resources

2 Time Today Universal Interview Information Filling out cards / jobs interested in Review of application materials Break “Interviewing” Questions

3 Landing an Interview Why? What? How? When? Who? Where? do I want a job? position do I want? can I get a job? days/hours available is in my network? will my employers location be?

4 First Impressions Incomplete applications – timing Knowing someone means higher expectations Parent communications Mistakes on resume “Positives” vs. “Lying” References One-page resume Targeted resumes Expectations ($25 per hour) Your E-mail Address Your Phone Message

5 Phone Etiquette Availability to take a call Return call within 24 hours Call waiting is not an option If it’s a bad time, ask if you can call employer right back; get name & extension Give 3-second reference of message Take notes / phone screen Repeat back phone numbers/addresses

6 Interview Etiquette Arrive ahead of schedule Your interview starts when you step out of the car Dress appropriately Take lead on name (Mr./Mrs./Joe) Introduce yourself Thank person for opportunity Smile The person interviewing you was once nervous on an interview – it’s okay Act confident; You’re the host

7 Interview Etiquette Prepare (questions, company) Bring appropriate humor to the table Negative comments are negative Be honest – I can because; I’m not worried because I’m not comfortable with but… I’m not sure

8 The Questions Who are you and why are you here? 30 - 90 seconds What experience do you have? Be honest What can you transfer Why should I hire you? What are your strengths? What are your opportunities for growth?

9 More Questions Are you responsible? Do you work well on a team? Do you take direction well? What kind of supervisor do you like working with? Why? What kind of supervisor don’t you like working with? Why What would your teacher say about you?

10 Your Questions Can you describe the responsibilities of the position (LISTEN CAREFULLY) What type of person are you looking for to fill this position? (LISTEN CAREFULLY) What are the hours? What are your expectations of this position? What do you see as the challenges to this position? Is there opportunity for advancement?

11 Closing the Interview Thank interviewer for time Shake hand / Look in eye / Smile Request business card Send hand-written thank you card or e- mail depending on time Follow up to a point (what is it) Let go / move on

12 You got the job Each job experience will teach you some things you didn’t know before You are a reflection of the company Dress Attitude Showing up to work on time as requested “Gossiping” Behavior Your next reference

13 Questions I am now in your network A Tchoskie

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