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Sophos Mobile Security

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1 Sophos Mobile Security
Free Version, June 2012

2 ‘Anti-virus’ protection for Android
Free version Scans apps for malicious code Filters apps by permissions Locks and locates your device

3 Keep malware at bay Scan on install Scans apps as you install them
Scans previously installed apps both on your device and on your SD card On-demand scan Gray-lists apps which could pose a potential threat Better safe, than sorry Uses SophosLabs threat intelligence from the cloud with up-to-the-minute information Enterprise-grade protection

4 Positive vs. negative scan results
Safe to use Better not

5 Privacy Advisor Not allowed
Malicious apps use permissions to do things they shouldn’t – be careful what you allow Not allowed If you have costs you can’t account for, our Privacy Advisor help you to filter apps by permissions, e.g. can cause costs Find the culprit Be wary of apps which access your text messages and address book without a legitimate reason Strictly private

6 The best advice – for free
Filter for various Targeted search

7 Loss and Theft Protection
Define other phones which can lock and locate your device in case of loss or theft Think ahead A remote locate could help you to find a phone which has just been misplaced or forgotten At a loss You can lock your phone by sending a text message from a predefined device Lock it

8 Loss and theft – thinking ahead
Define numbers Define password

9 Free download from Google Play
Our app is totally free. Click the icon or scan the QR code to download it now with your Android phone or tablet

10 Thank you

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