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eScan Total Security Suite with Cloud Security

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1 eScan Total Security Suite with Cloud Security

2 eScan TSS Modules File Antivirus Mail Antivirus Anti-Spam Web Protection Firewall Endpoint Security Privacy Control Cloud Protection Identity Protection (New)

3 USPs of eScan total Security Suite with Cloud Security
Stylish, user-friendly & trendy GUI eScan security network Proactive Malware Detection Secure Delete Identity Protection (New) Disk Defragmenter (New) Registry cleaner (New) Vulnerability Scanner (New) USB Vaccination Registry Cleaner (New) Cloud Protection eScan Web Safe (New) Automatic download of critical Windows OS update patches 24 X 7 free technical support through , Live Chat and Forums

4 Trendy GUI with Dashboard

5 File Antivirus This module provides real-time protection to the files and folders on your computer.

6 File Anti-Virus Settings – Folder Protection
Helps secure specific files and folders from being modified, or deleted.

7 Mail Anti-Virus This module prevents infected s and attachments from reaching your inbox, and thus protects your computer from malicious programs that propagate through s.

8 Anti-Spam Advanced anti-spam effectively filters unwanted s and prevents them from reaching your inbox.

9 Web Protection This module helps you prevent offensive or pornographic content from appearing within a web browser.

10 Web Protection You can easily define time line to restrict web access during defined time of the day. Advanced Parental Control helps you monitor and control the online activities of your kids.

11 Advanced Firewall It filters incoming and outgoing network activities on the computer and protects it from all types of network-based attacks. It also includes a set of predefined access control rules that the user can customize to filter network traffic. It also shows you the graphical view of the live network traffic.

12 Endpoint Security eScan's Application Control includes whitelist module that allows execution for only selected applications, while restricting execution for the rest.

13 Endpoint Security – Application Control
eScan’s advanced Application Control feature allows you to block / permit applications on the local computer, thus safeguarding you from critical threats.

14 Endpoint Security – Device control
eScan effectively prevents data thefts and Virus infections via USB or Firewire-based portable storage device, such as Flash Drives/Pen Drives, SD Card, Imaging devices, Webcam and Portable Hard Disks, thus securing your network from evolving cyber threats.

15 Endpoint Security – Other Devices Settings
eScan’s Endpoint Security - other Devices Settings feature allows you to block / permit devices such as SD cards, printers thus securing your network from evolving threats.

16 Privacy Control This module helps you clear your browser cache, history, cookies, and other personal information that may be stored within temporary files on your computer.

17 Privacy Control Secure Delete allows the user to permanently delete files and folders without the fear of having them retrieved through the use of third-party applications.

18 Cloud Protection Cloud Protection receives information through eScan Security Network about suspicious malwares and shares the information to eScan product users even before the signature for that malware is created and updated on their computers.

19 Identity Protection It protect sensitive personal information, such as credit card numbers or passwords for online services. Upon detecting any attempt to send protected information to the Internet, whether to a web page, by or through an instant message, the transmission is blocked automatically.

20 Other Highlights Automatic Downloads of Critical Windows® OS Patches - eScan automatically checks and downloads critical patches for the Windows® operating system from the Microsoft® Website, thus preventing malware from exploiting vulnerabilities existing in the operating system. eScan Rescue Mode - It is an advanced feature which allows user to boot into a secure environment during system startup without using any optical media. It uses Windows®-based environment that not only helps you to scan and clean the system but also allows you to fix registry changes made by viruses and rootkits.

21 Stylish, User-friendly & Trendy GUI suits the needs of both, novice and expert users.
File & Folder Protection helps secure specific files and folders from being created, modified, or even deleted. Effective Auto Back Up and Restore automatically takes backup of all the system files that are frequently used and stores them in an encrypted form. Safe Mode Password Protection prevents unauthorized access into Windows Safe Mode without a valid eScan password. Secure Delete allows the user to permanently delete files and folders without the fear of having them retrieved through the use of third-party applications.

22 USB Vaccination prevents USB devices from becoming a source of infection.
Secure Virtual keyboard protects your password from key loggers and ensures safe online banking experience. Efficient Remote Support enables eScan Support Technicians to access the customer's computer remotely to provide faster support to eScan customers worldwide. Gaming Mode is automatically enabled when games, movies and presentations are run in full screen and prevents eScan notifications and alerts from being displayed. Laptop Mode is a power-saving feature that provides unmitigated battery time for laptops. Whenever a user switches to the Laptop Mode, eScan11 automatically detects this change and prevents memory intensive processes like scheduled scans from running. Note that eScan's real-time protection remains active while the laptop is in the Laptop Mode. Registry Cleaner – Use this option to check and fix issues in registry.

23 Vulnerability Scanner - Check the vulnerability of the softwares installed on your computer for any kind of weakness that can be used by the attacker to gain access to the information stored on your computer without your permission. Using the options, you can easily update the listed softwares with the more secured version of the same. Disk Defragmenter -Disk defragmentation is the process of consolidating fragmented data on a volume (such as a hard disk or a storage device) so it will work more efficiently. Use this option present under tools in eScan TSS to defragment desired drive of your computer.

24 Advanced Report This option helps you to generate and view reports of File Anti-Virus, Mail Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam, Web Protection, Firewall, Endpoint Security, and eScan Cloud modules. You can now Export Reports in PDF, HTML or CSV formats.

25 Help 24x7 FREE Technical Support via. , Live chat, and forums ensures smooth computing experience.

26 AV-Test Results – Unbeaten Test Record
* Valid for eScan Internet Security Suite Version 14

27 VB – 100 Response Test for Malware Detection
* Valid for eScan Internet Security Suite Version 14

28 VB – 100 Performance Test for measuring System Resource Usage
* Valid for eScan Internet Security Suite Version 14

29 Visit to download and experience Total Security Suite
with Cloud Security.

30 Do contact us for any further info.

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