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E-government and e-services Portal Strategy of e-commerce Action plan e-government gallery.

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2 E-government and e-services

3 Portal Strategy of e-commerce Action plan e-government gallery

4 Year 2000-2001 Electronic Administrative Affairs (EAA ) The first G2C system which allowed certificates from the Register of Marriages, Births and Deaths to be applied for electronically. The Electronic Commerce and Electronic Signature Act (ECESA) provided legal bases for the begining of the development of e-government in Slovenia. At the Government Centre for Informactics RS two issuers of qualified digital certificates: SIGEN-CA and SIGOV-CA are in operation. The Strategy of Electronic Commerce in Public Administration 2001-2004 set up guidelines and principles of work. The State Portal of the Republic of Slovenia was launched in 2001. It supported G2C, G2B, G2G relations.

5 Year 2002-2003 The Action Plan "eGovernment Up to 2004“ defines e-services and projects on the basis of the strategy SEC-2004. The project PDII-MLFSA (Pension and Disability Insurance Institute – Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Affairs) was the first G2G project. It enabled direct access to data from the Central Register of Population and exchange of data among administrative bodies. Sight Demand of Personal Data (SDPD) enabled citizens access to their personal data stored in the Central Register of Population by using a SIGEN-CA digital certificate. The Unified Portal of Administrative Units: uniform appearance and standardized content (forms, The Guide to Administrative Services) The new State Portal, which is fully renovated in terms of content, organisation of information, technology and graphic design. A greater orientation toward the target groups of users, with guides, life events… The first electronic service for notaries: Electronic Register of Book of Orders and issuing of electronic books of orders.

6 Year 2004 Generic systems: Implementation of general functions needed for exchange of data among citizens and administration bodies (authentication and authorisation, acquiring of data from official registers, e-signature of application forms, electronic filing and direction of the application to the address of the administration body, monitoring the status of application in process) The Register of Companies is a central informatised economic agents database (basic data, data on activites, founder member, agents, council member and decisions of the assembly) VAT on e-Services Allows for electronic submital of personal income tax, forms in field of VAT and more.. e-subsytems: - Register of regulations of the Republic of Slovenia - Customs (TARIC, KVOTE, e-services for legal persons) - AJPES (Agency of the Republic of Slovenia for Public Legal Records and Related Services): e-annual reports (50,000 of businesses every year) - InterDIS (InterDecisionSupportSystem) data on use of telephones, cars and employees in State Administration, wages, surveys, statistical data - Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia

7 Year 2004 “e-OOS” (One Stop Shop) Electronic support for the registration of businesses - »All in one place« - on a G2B portal. A part of the renovation of the Permanent Residents Register (PSR), the segment of vehicles (support to the total life cycle of a vehicle from registration to decomposition). A horizontal generic system for local autonomy support (form delivery and guidance through/on the portal) Electronically ordering of certificates from the Land Register. Insight into to geodetic data (real estate data, data about real estate in posession of an individual user, and data for registered users) The renovated english version of the State Portal of the Republic of Slovenia

8 Year 2005 Register of Civil Status: A part of the permanent residents register renovation (registry personal data and papers) e-Identity Card: integration of a digital certificate and an identity card. The protection of arhives and historical arhives Act will give a base for a legal validity of electronical archival records Strategy for E-Commerce in Public Administration of the Republic of Slovenia - new development plans of e-government till 2008.

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