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Unit 16 Procedural Programming

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1 Unit 16 Procedural Programming

2 P5 Test a procedural application: (testing the paint program that you created) Testing is always needed when a program is written to ensure it works as expected. This is in order to compare the final product with original user need, to compare the final product with the program design, evaluate the ease of use and finally; identify whether requirements were met and if there are any further development needs.

3 P5 For testing you require a Test plan such as the one shown below
Number Description Date Expected Result Actual Result Passed? 1 the program accepts and records the details from the user for length and width of side one into the appropriate variables Length = 2 Width = 5 11/04/11 Length 1 = 2 Width1 = 5 Yes 2 The program calculatedswthe area of side one by multiplying length 1 and lwidth 1 Width – 5 10

4 M3 Write a document showing that you have analysed actual test results against expected results to identify discrepancies and errors. While creating the program you must have come across many errors by using the debugging tools and errors within your code. Document such errors and show how you corrected them. You also need to show appropriate screenshots of the program to prove your corrections Mainly test the functions section of the procedural program that you have made.

5 M4 create technical documentation for the support and maintenance of a computer program. The technical documentations is for the programmer, explaining the program design, how it was tested and how the program works. This is useful for any future work that is needed to resolve bugs that are found by users.

6 M4 For the technical documentation you can use the following:
Data dictionary Pseudocode Structured diagram Programmer comments Feedback from other users Checks against the original specifications

7 D2 Produce an evaluation of the program you have written. Include the good and bad aspects of your work as well as anything you would do to enhance the program

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