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Squirrel Wealth Management Ltd (SWM) An introduction to Financial Planning: Absolute Service.

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1 Squirrel Wealth Management Ltd (SWM) An introduction to Financial Planning: Absolute Service

2 Who Are SWM? We are a team of advisers where our objective is to become the trusted adviser of each of our clients, and where our professionalism is recognised through the payment for that advice as opposed to simply through a product sale. We are all committed to become professionally qualified to the required level. We are able to provide advice to clients based upon: - –lifestyle planning, –financial planning, –investment planning and –tax planning.

3 Who Do We Work Best With? The Owners Of Small To Medium Sized Businesses Professionals Executives Self Made People People approaching retirement People in retirement People who would prefer to delegate their Financial, Investment and Tax Planning to experts.

4 What You Can Expect From Us Honest and proactive advice Telephone calls and emails returned promptly Practical solutions that work for you A focus on results FocusResultsValue Added

5 What We Expect From Our Cleints Input into the process Telephone calls and emails answered promptly Paperwork completed and returned ASAP Questions asked if something doesn’t make sense Honest feedback on our service A commitment to working with us going forward InputAction Goals Achieved

6 What Is Financial Planning? It is creating a detailed picture of our clients financial objectives, over their lifetimes and then creating a strategy to achieve those goals, using investment solutions that sit well within their risk comfort zone. We then regularly review those solutions within the context of moving investment returns and any changes to their objectives our clients may have.

7 Squirrels’ Three Levels of Service 1.ABSOLUTE SERVICE –Individual Financial Plan –Annual rebalancing and review –Six monthly valuation 2.OAK SERVICE –Annual review –Six monthly valuation 3.ACORN SERVICE –Limited to specific area of advice

8 ABSOLUTE SERVICE Coordination of a clients total net worth to objectives. Includes risk assessment, liquidity planning, overlay management and generational planning. Liaison with other professional advisers and oversight of trust arrangements and tax planning. The Absolute Service is the process we use to identify, achieve and maintain your desired future lifestyle.

9 What Is The Role Of The Adviser for an Absolute Client? Assist clients to identify, understand and prioritise their life goals. Create cash-flow forecasts showing implications of achieving agreed goals Develop the right financial strategies to enable clients to achieve agreed goals. Create appropriate Investment Strategy for client’s objectives / risk tolerance. Minimise any taxation consequences. Minimise any risks (or help you understand those risks). Provide education regarding Investments. Monitor progress toward objectives. Review the strategy regularly.

10 An Example Of Our Work Background Mr. & Mrs Client aged 50ish Married with teenage children Mr. Client was in a job he didn’t enjoy anymore and wanted to start up a new business Had being living off capital from off-shore trust Home: £6M Off-Shore Trust:£700K Challenges Budget  The clients believed that they needed £110,000 per annum to continue with their lifestyle. Asset Rich & Cash Poor  The off-shore trust was being depleted quite quickly.  The clients were concerned how they might stop the depletion of the Trust. What We Did In order to confirm the clients’ lifestyle, we asked them to prepare a detailed analysis of their expenditure. We created a Lifetime Cashflow Plan showing how long the funds might last. We then included scenarios for drawing equity from their home and downsizing their property. Once the clients had seen the facts presented by the Cashflow Scenarios then they were able to see clearly what they must do – Downsize their home. Using a scientific investment management approach we ascertained the clients true risk profiles. We gained the mandate to manage the Trust and we are also building a portfolio of £2 M on the Succession Platform to meet their future income needs from the equity produced from the downsizing of the property. The Results  Mr. Client has been able to give up is job and start the new business he had always dreamt of.  The strategy allowed the client’s to continue with their existing standard of living.  The Off-Shore Trust can now be left to grow for the benefit of their children.

11 How Are We Paid? Individual Financial Plan Fee: Up to £1,750 (Offset against implementation fee and client & portfolio management service fee if applicable) Implementation Fee: Up to 4% Client & Portfolio Management Service Fee: 1% per annum Annual Oversight Fee: 0.5% per annum

12 What Do The Fees Cover? Ownership Of The Strategy Accurate Implementation Ongoing Advice Dependant on Absolute Client/Oak Client/Acorn Client.

13 What Do You Get With Squirrel? Available for all our cleints A bespoke strategy designed to achieve your financial objectives A range of top quality tools with which to take action Peace of mind that comes from knowing where you are today A partnership with a quality firm working on your behalf “Access To Cutting Edge Strategies That Truly Deliver”

14 Squirrel Wealth Management Ltd Any Questions please do not hesitate to ask.

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