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Università degli Studi di Torino TEMPUS Joint European Project PAMIR Silvia Forno Project kick-off meeting Dushanbe, 9 January 2007.

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1 Università degli Studi di Torino TEMPUS Joint European Project PAMIR Silvia Forno Project kick-off meeting Dushanbe, 9 January 2007

2 The University of Turin It was founded in 1404 Erasmus of Rotterdam obtained his degree here in 1506 It is now one of the biggest among Italian Universities.

3 The University of Turin in numbers 12 Faculties 55 Departments 13 Interdepartmental Research Centres More than 1200 Professors More than 700 Researchers More than 1600 Administrative and Technical Staff More than 60,000 students About 1,000 Ph.D students

4 Overall Organization Rector Senate Board Faculties Didactic activities Departments Scientific activities Phd courses Research Centres Libraries Museums and Collections Management and budgetary authonomy

5 Central Administration Head of Administration Deputy Head of Administration Financial Administration Division Human Resourses Management Division Didactic activities and students Division Logistic Division Technica l and Patrimon y Division Informatio n Systems Division Financial Area Planning and control Area Personnel Area Students Services Area Didactic Area Buildings Area Patrimony Area Health and Safety Medical structures management Institutional Activities Division Scientific Research and Interanational Relations Area

6 Faculties 1Agriculture and Forestry 2Economics 3Education 4Law 5Letters and Philosophy 6Medicine and Surgery 7Modern Languages and Literature 8Pharmacy 9Psychology 10Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences 11 Political Sciences 12 Veterinary Medicine All disciplines thaught except Engineering and Architecture

7 The Italian academic system 1999 (DM 509/99): national reform of the university system in line with the Bologna process “3+2 years system”

8 Courses offered 73 I level degree courses (Laurea) 56 II level degree courses (Laurea specialistica) 5 specialist single cycle degree courses 18 interfaculty/interuniversity degree courses (9 of I level, 9 of II level) 29 I level master courses 18 II level master courses detailed information available at:

9 Scientific Research Carried out in Departments and Research Centres Funding: –national funds (periodic calls for proposal within different funding programmes) –private funds (research contracts, trials etc.) –international funds (European Union, other international organisations) “Agenzia per la Ricerca”: internal working group recently established in order to promote academic research and strengthen links with local organisations and private companies

10 Scientific Research (2) 3 Centres of Excellence recognized and financed by the Italian Ministery of Education, University and Research: –Centre of Excellence for Molecular Imaging –Centre of Excellence for Biosensoristics through the use of vegetal and microbic organisms –Centre of Excellence for Nanostructured Surfaces and Interphases

11 European Research V Framework Programme (1998-2002): –8 research contracts as co- ordinators –about 60 research contracts as partners VI Framework Programme (2002-2006): –8 contracts so far + others under negotiation more info at:

12 The international dimension About 250 cooperation agreements with Universities all over the world both in the field of research and didactic

13 The international dimension International mobility participation since the launch of the programme exchanges with more than 250 partners about 600 outgoing students about 500 incoming students most appealing countries: Spain, France, Germany,UK Socrates-Erasmus Programme...furthermore participation in other EU mobility programmes, such as Alfa, Leonardo

14 The international dimension Double degree programmes Selected students follow their study programme alternatively in their home University and in the partner University. They are awarded a double degree.

15 The international dimension Cooperation with France Strong historical and cultural ties traditionally link the University of Turin and French Universities The Italian-French University it is hosted by the University of Turin and the University of Grenoble it is an autonomous institution founded in 1998 it has the primary objective to increase university cooperation between Italy and France in the field of research and training it supports projects for the creation of integrated curricula, international doctoral schools, international summer schools, exchanges and conferences it manages the funding programme for doctoral “co-tutelles de thèse”

16 The international dimension International Ph.D. studies ISASUT International School of Advanced Studies created in 2001 with the aim to integrate different disciplines and to internationalize Ph.D. studies offers fellowships to foreign students courses/seminars held by visiting foreign professors courses (partly) held in English network with European and extra European doctoral schools about 50 agreements for “co-tutelle de thèse” for the award of two national doctoral degrees …furthermore

17 The international dimension Cooperation with international organizations The University of Turin collaborates with the United Nations agencies operating in Turin: ITC-ILO International Training Centre of the International Labour Organization UNICRI United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute UNSSC United Nations System Staff College WIPO World Intellectual Property Organization Jointly organized post-graduate courses International trade law Intellectual property Management of development Criminology and international criminal policy Management of water resourses and water services International and diplomatic sciences Cultural projects for development

18 The international dimension Italian language courses for foreigners Summer school “Torino Università Estate” held each year in July, lasts 16 days open to all non native speakers from 18 to…. (need not be students!) 4 hour lessons every day + cultural and sport activities qualified teachers specialized in teaching Italian to foreign learners young tutors from the Faculty of Languages winter edition held in March 2003 in Bardonecchia furthermore... special courses for Erasmus students

19 Università degli Studi di Torino Via Verdi, 8 - 10124 Torino ITALY Thank you for your attention

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