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Service: The Heart of Hospitality

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1 Service: The Heart of Hospitality
Principles of Hospitality and Tourism Risa McCann

2 Terms to know: Service *Customer Service
Consistent quality service *Quality Service Empathy *Service encounter Guest recovery *Empathy Customer satisfaction *Critical moment Front of the house *Back of the house Word of mouth publicity *Empowerment

3 Thoughts to Think! Question: How does consistent quality service help a business gain and keep customers? Question: When does a customer’s experience make the biggest impact on customer satisfaction?

4 What is Customer Service
In the hospitality industry it is the total customer experience with that business. In other words: the performance of the staff; the courtesy of the staff, the cleanliness of the property, and the way customers are treated during their visit

5 Guest or Customer? A customer is someone that purchases products or services form a business A guest is a customer who purchases products or services from a hospitality business The success of any hospitality industry business is return customers-thus great customer service is imperative (critical)

6 One Size Fits All? People travel all over the world for a variety of reasons Cultures are different and sometimes very unique People all have different needs and abilities Discussion time- Why might it be hard to relate to people who are different from you?

7 Empathy The best way to understand the guest is to have empathy or the ability to put yourself in someone else’s shoes. Empathy helps you figure out what customers need Discussion time: When have you showed empathy to someone? What is the difference between empathy and sympathy?

8 3 Examples of Unique Needs
A corporate business traveler might value speed of service and “frequent customer” treatment Senior citizens might value earlier meal times, quieter surroundings, Senior Discounts and buffet meal service A young family might value activities geared toward children, kid’s meals and less fancy accommodations

9 Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Pyramid
Abraham Maslow developed a method to describe how human needs are met. He ranked needs in order from most basic needs to higher needs. The pyramid shows the basic needs (Physical Needs & Safety at the bottom) As needs are met people advance up the Pyramid

10 Pyramid of Needs The needs at the bottom must be at least partially met before a person can work to meet needs at the higher level Most hospitality businesses fill customer’s basic physical and safety needs food, lodging, locking guest room doors, security staff, medical staff, clothing for purchase

11 Pyramid of Needs The three higher levels of the Pyramid involve more psychological needs Acceptance – eating with friends, attending a convention/conference, wedding or family reunion Esteem – staying a luxury hotels or fancy resorts, renting fancy cars or limos, Preferred Customer status

12 Pyramid of Needs Hospitality employees can also meet the customer needs of acceptance and esteem by treating all customers with courtesy, respect and dignity, also by remembering a customer’s name and using it!

13 Pyramid of Needs Self Actualization is the need at the top of the Pyramid Self Actualization is Expressing your true self through reaching goals and helping others This need can be met by travel to a foreign country, educational tours, mission trips The Story of Kelly Wilson

14 Customer Satisfaction
It is the positive feeling customers have about a business that meets their needs Hospitality companies meet the needs of their customers through quality service Quality service is achieved by thoroughly training employees in the art of customer service

15 Happy or Not? Happy satisfied guests on average tell 3 people
Unhappy, dissatisfied guests tell over average 12 people! Feedback from customers is essential to identify a problem that exists and act on it.

16 Quality Service Service depends on people – the employees who provide the service Therefore employees need to be trained in being Customer-Focused, empathetic and consistent Consistency is hard to deliver but is critical to the loyal customer! All employees must deliver quality service.

17 G.U.E.S.T. Greet the guest Use their name Establish their need Satisfy their need Thank the guest!

18 RitzCarlton Gold Standards
Create 6 groups of 4 people each Receive topic Access Find your information Each person in the group must take part in presenting and explaining the information The projector may be used There will be assessment of your group work and presentations

19 RitzCarlton Gold Standards
Access bottom of page-About Us, then About Us (right side of page) The Credo Motto The 3 Steps of Service Service Values 1 – 6 Service Values 7 – 12 The Employee Promise

20 Service Qualities Specific Service Qualities that all guests value:
Product quality Cost Convenience Reputation Staff service Service after a sale Communication Efficiency

21 Service Relationship To create a loyal customer (one who returns repeatedly) the hospitality provider must understand the guest will evaluate the entire experience to determine the level of satisfaction Before – reservations process, ease accessing location, 1st impressions During- service interactions, food, accommodations, costs, etc. After – departure experience & follow-up by staff especially if there was a problem

22 Worthy of Noting A loyal guest or returning guest tends to spend more and use more of the offered services than a first time guest!!! They will also refer family, friends and colleagues to the business Loyalty programs offer discounts, upgrades, lower rates, complimentary items

23 All Customers Expect … To be treated with dignity and respect Their requests to be handled accurately and efficiently Honesty in product descriptions and answers to questions Money transactions to be handled honestly and accurately

24 Customers Frequently Compliment
Cleanliness and attractive appearance of facilities and grounds Employees who respond quickly to requests Employees who anticipate and meet customer needs

25 Methods of Service In-person service – face to face personal service with the property, staff, food, etc. Indirect service – telephone bookings, complaints made by phone Electronic service – Some guests still prefer the one-to-one interaction over the easy and quick electronic booking system; s & social media must be professional

26 Collecting Feedback Questionnaires Surveys comment cards
Trained personnel that listen to guest’s comments Trip Advisor and other websites

27 Guest Recovery Special management training is extremely helpful in dealing with customer complaints Empowerment is the granting of authority of power to front-line employees for handling and solving guests’ problems When the situation is resolved quickly the guest & feels satisfied the situation is recovered! The employee must then report the situation to his manager for future reference &/or changes

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