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7A Unit 6 Grammar.

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1 7A Unit 6 Grammar

2 Kitty’s diet

3 Countable nouns (可数名词 )
1. Singular form (单数形式) a hamburger an apple

4 a/an an: 以元音音标开头的词 a: 以辅音音标开头的词 an orange an hour an interesting film
an umbrella an important festival a cake a tomato a potato a useful book

5 2. Plural form (复数形式) four cats two dogs two birds two watches
ten knives three tomatoes

6 2. Plural form (复数形式) watches a watch a bus buses

7 a baby babies a knife knives

8 a potato potatoes radio radios

9 请给下列单词找朋友 wish family knife box radio potato watch watches families
knives boxes radios wishes potatoes a b c d glass glasses story stories mango mangoes shelf shelves watch watches radio radios box boxes potato potatoes wish wishes o + s or es s,sh,ch,or x + es family families knife knives a consonant +y -y +ies f or fe -f or fe+ves

10 可数名词单数变复数规则: 1. 大多数名词直接加s. apple, pear, hamburger---
2.以辅音字母+y结尾的名词,把y变成i再加es. cherry, candy, strawberry-- 3. 以s, x, ch, sh结尾的加es. bus, box, watch, wish--- 4.以-o结尾的名词,有的加s,有的加es。 photo, radio--- potato, tomato-- 5. 以f, fe结尾的名词,变f或fe为v再加es。 life, wife, knife, half, shelf---

11 Countable noun (可数名词) Most nouns + S cakes Some other nouns man foot
fish sheep woman tooth Chinese men women teeth feet The plural of most countable nouns (复数)

12 dishes leaves children feet glasses photos mangoes sheep teeth dish
写出下列名词的复数 dishes leaves children feet glasses photos mangoes sheep teeth dish leaf child foot glass photo mango sheep tooth box boy knife tooth potato library hero Monkey man boxes boys knives teeth potatoes libraries heroes Monkeys men

13 Uncountable

14 不可数名词量的表达 1)用much,a lot of, lots of, some,a little.
许多水 much water 许多牛奶 a lot of milk 一些咖啡 some coffee 一点儿果汁a little juice 2)借助单位词 一听肉 a tin of beef 一罐猪肉 a can of pork 一块面包 a loaf of bread 一碗米饭a bowl of rice 3)量词与数词保持一致 一瓶牛奶a bottle of milk 两瓶牛奶two bottles of milk 一袋盐 a bag of salt 三袋盐three bags of salt

15 不可数名词量的表达 a loaf of bread two loaves of bread three cartons of milk
one carton of milk

16 不可数名词量的表达 a piece of bread three pieces of bread a bowl of rice
two bowls of rice

17 不可数名词量的表达 two kilos of meat a kilo of meat a tin of Coke
three tins of Coke

18 不可数名词量的表达 a glass of water two glasses of water a bottle of Coke
two bottles of Coke

19 不可数名词量的表达 two cups of tea a cup of tea a packet of salt
two packets of salt

20 carton cup kilo tin packet bottle glass
Put them into correct group: “ a… of…” carton cup kilo tin packet 1 kilo bottle glass

21 a…of + uncountable noun
We can use the following structure(结构) to show(表示) their amounts(量) a…of + uncountable noun a kilo of meat a glass of milk

22 How many …? There is/are … How much …?

23 How many …? How much …? There is /are …

24 ‘how many’ or ‘how much’
1.__________ apple juice is there in the cup? 2.__________ cartons of milk do you need? 3.__________ bread do we have in the fridge? 4.__________ friends do you have in your class? 5.__________ bottles of water do you have? 6.__________ mangoes are there in the box? 7.__________ coke is there in our bag? How much How many How much How many How many How many How much

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