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Joselyn Quinn, Denia Hill, and Chandra Chapman. Chandra Chapman- 33.3% set up Course Calendar, set up class mind mapping, assignment points Joselyn Quinn-33.3%

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1 Joselyn Quinn, Denia Hill, and Chandra Chapman

2 Chandra Chapman- 33.3% set up Course Calendar, set up class mind mapping, assignment points Joselyn Quinn-33.3% Course description, Course objectives, Jing Presentation, revised syllabus Denia Hill-33.3% set up Voice Thread, provided Course Syllabus, set up Wiki page Pure Luck-.01%

3 Course Goal The goal of this course is to teach educator to look beyond the obvious and teach students on multi-levels of learning. Teacher must continues to education themselves in both technology and philosophy of education. This will allow them to become effective teachers and the results will benefit the students.

4 This course will cover how philosophy is used in education, as well as, the use of technology as a means of delivering class information. Technology will be used by both the instructor and the students. A variety of philosophers will be analyzed by students and present information in two forms. The students will present information through technology and an oral group presentation. Course topics will include culture influences in education, effective teaching technique, and challenges technology creates.

5 Course Outcomes Students will be able to: apply the philosophies education give their philosophy of education and relate it to a formal philosophy. identify the kinds of knowledge necessary to become an effective teacher and identify skills needed to become a successful teacher. discuss how educators can prepare themselves for the future challenges in today society

6 Text Book-Education Psychology, Anita Woolfolk, Eleventh Edition, ISB 13: 978-0-13-714454-9 Access to an APA Publication Manual, 6 th edition Computer High speed internet Microphone and web cam Live Text account Microsoft Office 2007 Jump/flash drive Join Wiki Spaces Start a Jing account

7 Course Calendar

8 Points / Grading Discussion Question 15 pts Jing Presentatio-15 pts Midterm- 20 pts Final exam- 20 pts Journal Review-20 (4pt) Comments- 10 pts 100 to 90- A 89 to 80- B 79 to 70- C 69 to 60- D 59 or below- F

9 Attendance This course will require the same as you would require from your students, attend class.

10 Delivery Methods Wimba Classroom, a component of the Wimba Collaboration Suite, is a virtual classroom environment with many features that include audio, video, application sharing and content display, and MP4 capabilities. Its academic design and ease-of-use ensures that instructors and students interact as if they were meeting in a traditional classroom setting. With features such as, white boarding, resizable chat areas and participant lists, and MP3 or MP4 downloads enable further active interaction between students and instructors. Its ability to allow students to interact supervised or unsupervised has expanded access for learning opportunities across the board.

11 Delivery Methods Con’t Wikispaces gives universities the ability to offer easy-to-use wikis to professors, students, and staff with very little investment in time or resources. It provides a secure hosted environment in which users can create as many wikis as you need for each class, team, project, or activity. Because it has centralized administration, and full integration with verification and course management systems, getting every course and student set up with a wiki is easy. Wikispaces provides the security, functionality, and customization educators need so that their classes can run.

12 Delivery Methods con’t A VoiceThread is a collaborative, multimedia slide show that holds images, documents, and videos and allows instructors and students navigate pages and respond to questions or situations that occur in the learning environment. The user has the ability to respond in 4 ways: using voice, text, audio file, or video. VoiceThread allows students to respond within a certain time frame, but from many different locations. Build a stronger learning environment and a sense of community within an online classes

13 Course Management The course will be managed through the class wiki page and voice tread. The students will respond to a discussion question via the wiki page on some weeks and on other weeks the student will comment via voice thread. The students will also create a wiki page in which they will upload journal entries and summaries of the journal review. The course will have a collaboration component wherein the students will use wimba classroom to discuss questions that relate to the topics discussed in class. Although the management of the course seems limited, without the use of more powerful management tools such as Blackboard, this course can be facilitated and directed at any university worldwide.

14 DIRECTLY AHEAD Mind Mapping


16 Reference Forehand, M. (2005). Bloom's taxonomy: Original and revised.. In M. Orey (Ed.), Emerging perspectives on learning, teaching, and technology. Retrieved, from Simonson, M, Smaldino, S, Albright, M, & Zvacek, S. (2009). Teaching and learning at a distance. New York, NY: Pearson.

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