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Vision/Benefits/Introduction Randy Armstrong (OPC Foundation)

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1 Vision/Benefits/Introduction Randy Armstrong (OPC Foundation)
OPC UA Vision/Benefits/Introduction Randy Armstrong (OPC Foundation)

2 Basic Service of Microsoft OS
Classic OPC Data Access Historical Data Access Alarms & Events PC Driver A Application OPC Client OPC Server Basic Service of Microsoft OS Field Bus Device OPC DCOM COM Driver B Driver C

3 Requirements for OPC UA
Scalability MES ERP Embedded devices SCADA Wide adoption of OPC Communication between distributed systems Security Access control Internet Firewalls Robustness Fault tolerant Platform independent Redundancy Performance OPC used as common system interface Modeling Data Common model for all OPC data Complex data Method calls Meta data Base for other standard data models Type system

4 OPC UA – Next Generation OPC
Definition 2003 – 2006 Verification and Implementation 2006 – 2008 Final OPC Foundation Release 2009 IEC Release 2010 – 2012 OPC UA = established OPC features + Platform independence + Standard internet and IP based protocols + Built in security features + Generic object model + Extensible type system + Scalability through profiles + Migration path from Classic OPC

5 Benefit #1 – Unifies all Specifications
OPC UA unifies Data Access, Alarms & Events, Historical Data, etc. One OPC server can support all specifications Legacy COM/DCOM applications interoperate with OPC UA COM Client UA Client DA AE UA HDA

6 Benefit #2 – Platform Independence
OPC UA can be ported to any Operating System Increased market demand for OPC technology on alternate platforms like UNIX, Linux, embedded operating systems OPC UA supports C/C++, Java, .NET, etc. Mac Linux Java Client Java Server Windows 7 Windows XP Embedded .NET Client .NET Server Linux VxWorks C\C++ Client C\C++ Server

7 Benefit #2 – Scalability
Profiles Mainframe Standard internet protocols allow cross-platform communication Server Cluster Server devices portables desktops servers clusters mainframes Desktop PC Portables Multiple UA APIs C/C++ JAVA Microsoft .NET Controllers Embedded Systems

8 Benefit #4 – Secure Network Traffic
Security follows web standards Security certificates encrypt communication Application certificates ensure only certified applications can connect User Accounts ensure authorized access UA Client UA Server

9 Benefit #5 – Communication Reliability
OPC UA recovers from communication loss OPC UA ensures robust and reliable communication Keep-alive monitoring Buffering of data and acknowledgements Fast recovery in case of communication errors Redundancy concepts Request UA Client UA Server Response UA Session

10 Benefit #6 – Unified Data Model
Unification  Simplification Classic OPC defines different address space models for process data, alarms and historical data Reduced system integration costs by providing a common architecture for accessing information

11 Benefit #7 – Complex Data, Modeling
OPC products can now represent complex systems with OPC UA’s rich Information Model OPC UA provides data and meta data UA Information model defines modeling elements and modeling rules Complex data types Methods State machines Inheritance

12 Benefit #8 – Method Calls / Programs
Market demand to start and stop a drive, download a file to a device, invoke a batch file and track download resp. batch process OPC UA defines program invocation and state machines as part of the unified address space Start UA Client UA Server Industrial Process Stop Done

13 Benefit #9 – Enhanced Performance
OPC UA has been architected for speed and network performance Transfer thousands of points per second Poll-Report-By-Exception mechanism ensures full bandwidth control User-Selected network protocols using binary or HTTP ensure applications can traverse almost any network topology SOAP/XML Sender Receiver UA Binary Binary XML

14 Benefit #10 – Vertical Integration
UNIX, Linux, … UA Client UA Client P L MES ERP Device data Configuration Firewall Enterprise Network UA Server UA Client UA Client Operations Network UA Server UA Server UA Client UA Client Plant Floor Network UA Server UA Server Linux, VxWorks, QNX, …

15 Use Case: OPC embedded in Device
PROBLEM: I want to supply an OPC interface to my device without the use of an external Windows PC HMI OPC COM Server OPC UA Server SOLUTION: OPC-UA is cross-platform and embeddable

16 Use Case: Embedded HMI Solutions today: With OPC UA
Proprietary device driver WinCE OPC Server  OEM solution Windows Gateway PC With OPC UA OPC UA Server comes with device OPC UA Client comes with HMI OPC UA on the wire Plug & Play Rapid engineering with UA type system Panel Windows CE HMI OPC UA Client Ethernet UA TCP Ethernet PLC OPC UA Server

17 Device to Device Communication
Devices from different vendors Solutions today: Serial connection Project specific TCP/IP protocol Often not possible With OPC UA Both devices are OPC UA Server and OPC UA client OPC UA on the wire PLCopen communication FBs planned PLC OPC UA Server OPC UA Client Ethernet UA TCP Ethernet PLC OPC UA Server OPC UA Client

18 Thanks for Your Attention !
Randy Armstrong Sparhawk Software Inc.

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