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My Community Service By: Gracie Qurnell Dr. Tillman PERS 2730.

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1 My Community Service By: Gracie Qurnell Dr. Tillman PERS 2730

2 W HAT I S C OMMUNITY S ERVICE ? Community Service is an act by an individual which benefits the local communities. There are many reasons people become involved in a community: for some it is an selfless act, but for others it is a punishment. Some individuals view Community Service as a annoyance but others view it as an excellent deed. A variety of individuals participate in Community Service: youth, high schools, and colleges.

3 C OMMUNITY S ERVICE C ONTINUED … Students can learn many different things when participating in community service: A sense of responsibility Job Skills Sacrifice Time management That one person can make a difference There are many different reasons why an individual should get involved: It feels good It strengthens a community It can strengthen your family

4 T REATMENT C ENTER OF V ALDOSTA The Treatment Center of Valdosta strives to provide the top care possible while keeping an importance on superior customer service. They view each and every patient as very important and make an effort to provide excellent services. They provide a professionally supervised Methadone maintenance and medical withdrawal as a licensed Narcotic Treatment Program. The Treatment Center of Valdosta offers a complete rehabilitation service for individuals who depend on narcotics.

5 T REATMENT C ENTER OF V ALDOSTA C ONTINUED …. The Treatment Center of Valdosta had display booth on the Valdosta State Campus for the Spring Break Awareness Day. The volunteers informed students about many addictions and abuse situations. The Treatment Center of Valdosta also provides: Substance Abuse Counseling Urine Drug Screens Pregnancy Test Blood Analysis Case Management

6 R ELAY F OR L IFE Y ARD S ALE Relay for Life is the American Cancer Society’s signature activity. Relay for Life offers every person in a community an opportunity to participate in the fight against cancer. Relay for Life is a life changing event that brings together millions of people around the world

7 R ELAY F OR L IFE C ONTINUED …. The Valdosta State University Freshman Year Experience class had a yard sale to raise money for the FYE team. Each student was asked to donate any clothes, toys, household items, and much more. I donated children and women's clothing, purses, picture frames, and belts.

8 S PECIAL A WARENESS D AY The first annual Special Awareness Day was located at the Billy Grant Field on be half of the University of Valdosta State Blazer Baseball Team. The Special Awareness Day was focusing on special needs children and adults throughout the community.

9 S PECIAL A WARENESS D AY C ONTINUED …. Before the first pitch of the Valdosta State Blazer Baseball game the special needs children from around the community joined the baseball players on the field for recognition. There were various activities throughout the day which included: Bounce House Duck Pond Face Painting Reading Tent Lolly Pop Tree

10 C OMMUNITY S ERVICE S UMMARY … I had a wonderful experience at all three community service activities. The Spring Break Awareness Day was very important and educational for all the students. I was also very happy to donate clothes to the Freshman Year Experience Yard Sale. The money was used for the Valdosta Sate University Relay for Life Team. The community service I enjoyed the most was the Special Needs Awareness Day. It was a great opportunity and very rewarding to work with the special needs children. It truly showed me that any special needs child can accomplish anything. I am very glad I was able to participate in community service throughout Valdosta, Georgia.

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