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The Main Aspects of Distance Education for Developing Country Baku, Azerbaijan.

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1 The Main Aspects of Distance Education for Developing Country Baku, Azerbaijan

2 Tel: + 994 12 392214 E-mail : WELCOME E-LEARNING CENTRE!!! AzRENA & IU

3 Azerbaijan State Economic University - Baku State University - Azerbaijan Technical University - Azerbaijan Architectural-Building University - “Odlar Yurdu” University - Baku Scientific-Training Centre - Institute of Cybernetics of ANAS – "RENASCENCE“ SPC - Shamaha Astrophysical Observatory - Institute of Information Technology of ANAS - Azerbaijan Languages University - Sponsors AzRENA Research InstitutionsResearch Institutions Experts and Scientists (OSI Network, BSTI Network) Other Educational Networks (OSI Network, BSTI Network) Educational InstitutionsEducational Institutions FOUNDERSFOUNDERS is founded in August, 2000 Founders of AzRENA

4 Internet connection is realized in asynchronous mode through 2 points: Azerbaijan State Economic University and Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences. Network Structure of AzRENA

5 AzRENA network has the channel 1,5 Mbps and links 15 educational and scientific centers. The number of workstations connected to Internet through AzRENA is over 900 and at present time these workstations maintain 15000 users. AzRENA has intra republic BACKBONE: Baku-Mingechevir-Gandzha-Akhstafa–1Mbps Baku-Lenkeran-Astara – 1 Mbps AzRENA has the education centers in 12 regions of the republic. In future planning installation of two exchange points between two networks AzRENA and AzNET in Baku and region, which allow improving networks, optimizing traffic and creating common technical Academic Educational Network in Azerbaijan. AzRENA for Science and Education

6  Azerbaijan Research and Educational Networks Association (AzRENA)  University of Indiana (USA) ICT Management Education E-LC Foundation of E-LC

7 Current Project of E-LC Distance Education Project - IU/AzRENA (AZ01) is the USA Education Partnership Program between Indiana University & AzRENA has been founded in 2003. [Grant No.S-ECAAS-03-GR-219 (CS)]. AzRENA is to be considered as the base Center of E-LC on the regional level.

8 Educational Partnerships Program IU/AzRENA IU/AzRENA partnership has 4 major goals:  Develop Azerbaijan faculty instructional design and IU global E-learning expertise;  Develop Web-based courses to support Azerbaijan faculty professional development program focused on DE design and implementation;  Develop and deliver a Pilot online course demonstrating DE application in the local educational context;  IU will send 4-5 faculty for a total of 3 months to the AzRENA and will bring 5 faculty for a total of 4.5 months to IU for intensive training in DE course development and instruction.

9 Project Impact  IU/AzRENA partnership will provide the foundation for a significant DE effort within Azerbaijan, making education opportunities more widely available to Azerbaijan citizens.  The IU/ AzRENA partnership in designing DE strategies has a significant potential for other Azerbaijan universities and other countries of the Caspian Sea region.  This linkage is also laying the foundation for further long-term collaboration between IU and Azerbaijan Universities in building instructional technology programs in Azerbaijan and enhancing the education component of the IU curriculum.

10 Aspects of distance education. How to develop instructional design for an online course? What are the main steps of the course adaptation process from traditional to online format? How to select instructional media and tools for DE? How to conduct the evaluation of the online course? What are technological issues involved in the process of DE? What are management issues of designing of DE? Who are the main problems in distance education?


12 AZ-01-01 Course of Distance Education: UNIT 1. Introduction to Distance Education UNIT 2. Distance Education Technologies UNIT 3. Distance Education System Overview UNIT 4. E-Learning

13 AZ-01-02 Needs Analysis for Distance Education: UNIT 1. Introduction to Needs Analysis UNIT 2. Needs Analysis Methods & Techniques UNIT 3. Planning & Conducting Needs Analysis

14 The staff of E-LC of Project IU/AzRENA NamePosition Mr. Abdul GahramanzadeProject Manager Mrs. Svetlana GasanovaInstructor of E-LC Mr. Fakhri QuliyevInstructor of E-LC Mr. Elnur MammadovInstructor of E-LC

15 The steps of development of Project IU/AzRENA (AZ01) AzRENA ASEU AzTU Odlar Yurdu BSTC Qafqaz. KHAZAR

16  Marketing  Instructional  Technical  Management Department of E-LC

17  Marketing of DE courses market  Bridging contacts with educational institutions  Analysis of technology available to students working at a distance  Advertising presentation of DE courses Marketing of DE

18  Creation and processing of teaching material for DE courses  Lay-out of teaching material on lessons  Development of test (control) tasks  Full information development of DE course and presentation of teaching material in corporal  Instructional strategy corresponding to the chosen environment of DE Instructional Design

19  Development interactive methods of dialogue  Holding a conferences, video-lessons, chats,..  Creation and development of student’s identification system  Support of e-course’s library  Development faculty and student technology skills  Providing technical and instructional support for DE instructors Technical & Technology

20 n The Ministry of Education n The Ministry of Economic Development n Universities of Azerbaijan n The Ministry of Labour and social security n Other organizations Future Customer of E-LC

21 Structure of E-LC of AzRENA AzRENA Board of E-LC AzRENA Director of E-LC Ali Abbasov Elchin Aliyev Abdul Gahramanzade MarketingSystem Administration HW & SW Technical & Technological Support Instructional Design Interface Design

22 Scenario of Development Indiana University Bloomington Gafqaz Faculty1 Coordinator1 BREC Faculty1 Coordinator1 E-LC of AzRENA 4 Khazar Faculty1 Coordinator1 AzTU Faculty2 Coordinator1 Odlar Yurdu Faculty1 Coordinator1 ASEU Faculty2 Coordinator1

23 Certificate of IU


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