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Mercedes Social Media Marketing Proposal Contact Info +962-6-5654581 /

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1 Mercedes Social Media Marketing Proposal Contact Info +962-6-5654581 /

2 Table of Content Dolors its zupic mauris sit amet Contact Info Goals/Objectives Overall Strategy Online Strategy Apps Approach Budget Expected Return Team +962-6-5654581 /

3 Goals & Objectives “Establish MB as the leading car brand in the new media scene in the ME.” Maintain brand awareness Increase the fan base Maximize engagement Activate fans Convert fans to prospects and leads Develop interest in specific line ups Contact Info +962-6-5654581 /

4 Strategy Overview Contact Info +962-6-5654581 / Competitive Analysis Persona development Communication Plan Develop campaigns Integrate messaging with offline and online platforms Leverage influencers Evaluation

5 Online Strategy Contact Info Three Levels of Strategy & Performance: Maintenance (basic level) Engagement (professional level) Activation (next level)  Lead generation  Buzz  Push marketing messages  WOM +962-6-5654581 /

6 Contact Info Facebook- Amplification is the name of the game Inspiring content Constant engagement with fans Campaigns (photo contests, sweepstakes, giveaways) Facebook flyers & sponsored stories Twitter Tweet shareable content Engage with fans and followers Engage in conversations about MB and competitors YouTube Upload engaging videos Encourage customers to share content & generate testimonials and buzz Social Media Marketing +962-6-5654581 /

7 Contact Info +962-6-5654581 / Google Plus Great source for Search Engine traffic Key is socialization + Circle expansion Constant engagement with users Linkedin Ability to segment target market with paid ads Social Media Marketing

8 Contact Info Amplify engagement Generate loyalty Activate fans Drive brand likeability Facebook App +962-6-5654581 /

9 Contact Info +962-6-5654581 / Amplification & Edge Rank EdgeRank OptimizationPromoted posts & Fliers Amplified Results

10 Contact Info +962-6-5654581 / Integrated Marketing Communication Consistency & Continuation Maximum Loyalty & Continuation Compounded ROI Central Message

11 Contact Info +962-6-5654581 / Detailed analysis of the market, personas, competition, competitive messaging Collaboration with MB on corporate messaging, initiatives and campaigns Description: Personal interaction Engagement conversion Build a relationship Continuing/promoting a theme/campaign Description: Campaign Performance Listen to the conversation Evaluate feedback Incorporate feedback and adjust plan Description: PreparationImplementationEvaluation Approach

12 Contact Info +962-6-5654581 / Approach Preparation Detailed analysis of the market, personas, competition, competitive messaging www Collaboration with MB on corporate messaging, initiatives and campaigns

13 Contact Info +962-6-5654581 / Approach Implementation Personal interaction Engage in conversion Build a relationship Promote Campaigns & Themes

14 Contact Info +962-6-5654581 / Approach Evaluation Ear to the ground:  Listen to comments  Listen to concerns  Empathize with fans and find their needs Feedback results:  Competitive analysis  Personas  Strategy Factors:  Type of content title/subject/body  Type of language  Time of the day  Time of the year  Social context Campaign Performance:  Number of likes  Number of comments  Number of retweets  Number of shares  Number of views

15 Contact Info +962-6-5654581 / Sample No Arabic posts Engage with your fans by answering their questions, or thank them from time to time. Pros: -Good engaging photo Cons: -Post only in English -Low number of likes/ comments/shares relative to the number of fans -No engaging conversation in the comments -Low number of posts per day

16 Contact Info +962-6-5654581 / Sample of our work High interaction with users in both Arabic and English. 630 likes & 76 shares Frequent posting every hour or two

17 Contact Info Photo/Video competition Customize your car MB Hunt competition Campaigns!!!! Customize your car Photo competition Fans photos covered over a new car creating video competition car game competition Apps +962-6-5654581 /

18 Contact Info +962-6-5654581 / Why Us Expert industry knowledge Relationships with the majority if not all the online influencers in the automobile niche Video production team Proven Ability to build, engage and mobilize traffic Largest online community of car enthusiasts in ME Online marketing field experts

19 Contact Info +962-6-5654581 / Achievements 2millions view video Viral stats from Facebook Analytics from facebook and twitter, daily basis we got consistent 4000/5000 traffic we can mobilize Admin : facebook photos / YouTube channel views

20 Contact Info +962-6-5654581 / Nov Youtube Stats: 8M+millions view video we receive around 40000/50000 consistent views on daily basis traffic that we can we can mobilize

21 Contact Info +962-6-5654581 / Consistently high viral reach and people talking about our page

22 Contact Info +962-6-5654581 / Twitter Activity: Klout Score: Top100arabs Ranks:

23 Contact Info +962-6-5654581 / Proposed Team Online community manager(s) Online marketing strategist Video production expert News coverage professional Designer Developer

24 Contact Info +962-6-5654581 / Budget TaskDescriptionCost Photo shootingFor new models and releases27K Total Communitymanagement (including the strategy and communication plan) 108K Viral Videos10 videos production38K Apps5 Apps development25K RP& EventCoverage major events15K InfluencersBuilding a relation ship with influencers and hip people10K Grand Total: $223K USD * Budget for flyers, sponsored posts, and paid ads on LinkedIn is extra

25 300k additional facebook fans Klout Score 60+ 20k additional followers on Twitter 5 million social impressions Google Plus: 50k additional followers 1 million+ YouTube views Contact Info Expected Results +962-6-5654581 /

26 Amir – 8 years of well rounded online marketing experience – SEM/SEO leader driven by performance – Digital Marketing Consultant/Trainer for high profile clients – Delivers proven results Mousub – Car and Motorsport Enthusiast – 6 years of Auto industry experience – Understands the car market inside out – Proven results in the Social Media auto niche Management Contact Info +962-6-5654581 /

27 Clorem ipsum dolor sit ametis detra +962-6-5654581 / Contact Info Thank You!

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